Instructor Certification for Professional-Technical Faculty

Log in here:  https://certification.ctc.edu
User Name:  myemail@olympic.edu
Password:   emailed to you by the system.

Log in and customize your password within 48 hours, or it will require resetting. Contact Rhonda at 360.475.7556 or rboothe@olympic.edu.

Process Outline

To facilitate the process statewide, the SBCTC maintains an interactive database online. Each instructor completes the same set of steps, customizing the professional development plan based on current position and skill levels.

  1. Faculty: Complete Skills Survey/Self-Assessment;
    Rate each Skills Standard by its importance to your job and your current skill level. Select five for your professional development plan.  DUE: by the end of the 1st month of certification period (3 years for new faculty, 5 years thereafter).
  2. DEAN: Review Instructor's Skills Survey/Self-Assessment;
    Approve or Return for further editing.  DUE: within 2 weeks of submission. 
  3. Faculty: Customize your Professional Development Plan, which the system creates from Step 1.  DUE: New faculty - end of the 3rd month. Renewing faculty - within a month of your certification expiration date.
  4. DEAN: Review Instructor's Professional Development Plan;
    Approve or Return for further editing. 
    DUE: within 2 weeks of submission.
  5. Faculty: Complete your Plan Activities by the due dates you assigned in Step 3. As each due date approaches, document its completion for your Dean's approval.  DUE: Due by the dates you specified in the previous step.
  6. DEAN: Review Instructor's completed Plan Activities.
    Mark each completed activity "Approved" in the system.  DUE: the dates you set when you customized your Plan.
  7. Faculty: Repeat the process for your next 5-year Plan.



  1. Step by Step Guides, with screen shots 
         For Faculty:       
    PowerPoint       or      PDF   
         For Deans:         
    PowerPoint       or      PDF  
  2. SBCTC web site, Certification page   
  3. Checklist  for tracking your place in the process 
  4. Skills Standards
    (Groups A, B, and D)   Required
    (Groups C, E-J)    Optional

The WACs

  • 131-16-070  Adoption and publication of district personnel
                      selection practices and standards.
  • 131-16-080  General standards of qualifications for community 
                      and technical college personnel.
  • 131-16-091  Additional qualifications in areas of specialization.
  • 131-16-092  Maintaining and improving certification competencies 
                      for professional-technical administrators and instructors.
  • 131-16-093  Types of professional-technical education certificates.
  • 131-16-094  Certification process for professional-technical instructors.
  • 131-16-095  Defining reciprocity. 


PDF  Professional Technical Instructors Resource and Assessment Guide


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