Basic Studies FAQs

What is Basic Studies (Adult Basic Education/GED)?

Basic Studies classes help those who may or may not have a high school diploma improve their basic math, reading and writing skills. ABE is designed to raise the level of education of adult learners so that they can benefit from further education and gain job skills.

Who qualifies for Basic Studies/GED?

Students who do not have a High School diploma, GED or who have lower level literacy skills in reading, writing or math may qualify for the program.

How do I begin Basic Studies classes?

New students must call and set up an appointment for an orientation (Bremerton: 360.475.7550; Shelton 360.432.5471).

What is involved at orientation?

During orientation, students will take a variety of assessments to determine skill level as well as complete necessary, required paperwork and register for classes.

What are CASAS assessments?

CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System)  assesses student skill levels in reading and math and is used to place students into the appropriate level.

How much are Basic Studies/GED classes?

$25.00 per quarter. Classes may be available at no cost. To see if you qualify for a tuition waiver, please contact 360.475.7550.

Where are classes located?

Basic Studies/GED classes are located at each of the three main campuses as well as offsite locations in  Shelton and Belfair.