Student Tuition Easy Payment Program (STEPP)

STEPP enrollment is currently available for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring through the second week of each quarter.  You must enroll in STEPP using the online process listed below.  We do not accept paper STEPP applications.

How does STEPP work?
Stepp allows you to make your tuition payment in 3 installments: First payment due on enrollment, Second payment due approximately 3 weeks and Final payment due approximately 6 weeks.  When you complete the online STEPP process you must contact the Cashier's Office to make your first payment.  If you do not make your first payment, you are not considered enrolled in STEPP. 

Enroll in STEPP

  1. Register for classes
  2. Enroll in STEPP online: https://oasis.olympic.edu/stepp/
  3. Contact the Cashier's office to make your first payment; remember you will not be officially enrolled in the program until you make the first payment.  Your receipt will reflect both payment amounts and deadlines.
  4. You can make as many payments as you wish as long as your balance is paid in full on the payment deadline.

What if you miss your payment installment deadline?

Failure to pay all outstanding tuition and fees in full by the payment deadline will have one of two consequences:

  1. Students who have made only one STEPP payment will receive a grade of "NC" (No Credit) on their transcript.  Once payment has been made student must bring receipt to Registration and Records in order for the "NC" grades to be updated on transcript.
  2. For students who have made two STEPP payments, a HOLD will be placed on their account and no grades, transcripts or further registration activity will occur until the balance owing is paid in full.

What if you drop or withdraw from classes?
The official college refund policy applies and any tuition balances will be determined based on this refund period.  Please contact the Cashiers Office prior to dropping a class or completely withdrawing to determine if a balance is due.

Frequently Asked Questions
See STEPP FAQS for more information.