Tuition Payment Plan

How does Tuition Payment Plan work?

The Tuition Payment Plan allows you to make automatic monthly payments on your tuition related charges only and is available through Nelnet Business Solutions.  Down payment is due at time of enrollment with a $25.00 enrollment fee per quarter.  If your enrollment fee or down payment fails, your Tuition Payment Plan will be terminated and you will be subject to the college's policy for non payment and will risk being dropped from classes.  You must sign up each quarter for the Tuition Payment Plan.  For more information contact Cashiers Office at 360-475-7181 or CashierOffice@olympic.edu  


Target Dates to Enroll By:
Payments are processed on the 5th of each month.

FALL 2014 - Payment plan available May 27, 2014

Last day to enroll online    Required down payment    Number of payments    Months of payments

AUG 25                                                     30%                                        2                                SEPT & OCT
SEPT 15                                                   50%                                        1                                  OCT ONLY

WINTER 2015 - Payment plan available November 24, 2014

Last day to enroll online    Required down payment    Number of payments    Months of payments

DEC 12                                                     30%                                        2                                JAN & FEB
JAN 9                                                       50%                                        1                                 FEB ONLY

SPRING 2015 - Payment plan available March 2, 2015

Last day to enroll online    Required down payment    Number of payments    Months of payments

MAR 19                                                     30%                                        2                                APRIL & MAY
APRIL 10                                                  50%                                        1                                  MAY ONLY

Summer 2015 -
Payment plan available to be updated

Last day to enroll online    Required down payment    Number of payments    Months of payments  

XXXXXXX                                                  30%                                        2                                JULY & AUG
XXXXXXX                                                  50%                                        1                                  AUG ONLY

NOTE: All down payments are processed immediately!!

To enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan

  1. Register for classes
  2. Need Student ID and Pin Code
  3. Enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan online: http://olympic.edu/TuitionPaymentPlan

What if your automatic monthly payment failed?
Failure to pay all outstanding tuition and fees in full by the payment deadline will have consequences:

  1. Could risk being dropped from classes, a HOLD will be placed on their account and no grades, transcripts or further registration activity will occur until the balance owing is paid in full.
  2. Payment will be automatically reattempted on the 20th and 5th day following the scheduled payment date.
  3. $30.00 returned payment fee for lack of funds or incorrect account information charged by Nelnet Business Solutions.

What if you drop or withdraw from classes?

The official college refund policy applies and any tuition balances will be determined based on this refund period.  Please contact the Cashiers Office prior to dropping a class or completely withdrawing to determine if a balance is due.

Frequently Asked Questions
See TuitionPaymentPlan FAQS for more information.