Q: I have applied for financial aid / VA and would like to use the STEPP program as a way to start classes.
What will happen if I miss the final payment due at the end of the sixth week of the quarter---it is not my fault if  I am waiting for financial aid or veterans funding, right?

A: Signing up for STEPP is a contract between you and the college. You are agreeing to pay, in full, any
tuition costs by the final payment deadline, regardless of whether you have been awarded financial aid or waiting for a check from the VA.  If you cannot meet the payment obligations of the program, you should not use the STEPP program.

Q: I joined the STEPP program and withdrew from my classes; however, I received a notice from the
college indicating I still owe for tuition….why?
A: The STEPP program does not replace the official college refund policy applies to the STEPP program.
Our refund policy allows for 80% refund during the first week of the quarter and 40% the second week of the quarter. You may still owe for tuition if you withdraw from classes during the refund period. See example below:

Register for 10 credits (tuition & fees): $875.00
Enrolled in STEPP (34% down pymt): ($297.50)
Balance Owing: $577.50
Withdrew during 40% refund period: $350.00 ($875 x 40%)
Revised Balance Owing: $227.50 Responsibility of the student
There is also a very good possibility you will owe for tuition and fees if you withdraw from classes
after the 40% refund period ends. Please consider the consequences of dropping classes or
withdrawing from classes if you are on the STEPP program. If you are unsure of how much you will
owe, contact the Cashier’s Office at 360-475-7467 for assistance

Q: I used a check to pay for my STEPP payment and it was returned from the bank due to insufficient
funds. What happens now?

A: A $30.00 fee is charged for all checks returned. You will be dropped from all your classes and the
STEPP program. You are no longer eligible for the program that quarter. To get back into your classes,
you will need to do two things:
· Pay the $30.00 NSF (non sufficient funds) fee at the cashier’s office to have the “HOLD” removed;
once the “HOLD” is removed, you can re-register. If the class has been filled or registration has ended,
you will need to fill out a petition form at Registration and Records to get back into your classes.
· Pay your tuition in full at the same time you submit the petition form to Registrations & Records. Payment must be made with cash or credit card only.  If you have any questions, call the Registration Office at (360) 475-7200. 
Q: I signed up for STEPP and added another class; what do I do?
A: If you want additional classes added to the STEPP program, you will need to contact the Cashier's Office and have the class added to the program, the added class is subject to payment due according to payment plan. 
Q: What if I am unable to my account in full by the deadline, what happens?
A: Students who have made only one STEPP payment will have a grade of "NC" (No Credit) entered on their transcript.  Once payment has been made student must bring receipt to Registration and Records in order for "NC" grades to be updated on transcript.  Students who have made two STEPP payments will have a STEPP HOLD placed on their account indicating a balance is still owing.  The HOLD will prevent the student from obtaining grades, transcripts or registering for classes until the debt is paid in full.