All About
Student Technology Fee 


Currently, each student enrolled at Olympic College pays $3.50 Student Technology Fee per credit per quarter (up to 10 credits) on top of tuition.

Ever wonder where it goes?

The Student Technology Fee (STF) is responsible for bettering the academic lives of OC students by technologically enhancing our learning experience.  It provides us with things like open lab computers and software, the wireless network, and other technology for the general student population.

    The STF Committee is in charge of making sure the money is spent in a way that best serves           OC students.

 Next STF Meeting:    

Jan, 2015 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
CSC 521 - Board Room
STF meetings are open to all!

  2014-2015 Committee:
  • Brandy Miller – Chair
  • Josiah Beaushaw 
  • Pam Bilodeau
  • InYoung Cho
  • Angela Dorsey
  • Arvin Endino
  • Steve Evans
  • Mary Garguile
  • Evelyn Hernandez
  • Krystal Jimenez
  • Anthony Miller


  • Jim Mohr - Advisor
  • Damon Bell - Advisor
  • Bruce Riveland - Advisor
  • Sandy Johnson - Recorder
  • Troy Tumaliuan - Recorder

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For more information call Sandy Johnson @ 475-7610