All About
Student Technology Fee 


As a student enrolled at Olympic College you pay $3.50 Student Technology Fee per credit per quarter (up to 10 credits) on top of tuition.

You have the right to determine how the fee should be spent!

However, like everything else in life there are some boundaries:
The request is to be for technology; software, hardware, devices, etc.

§ The request must be directly available to and used by the general population of Olympic College students (ie: Adobe software in the open labs)

§ Requests for specialized software or devices that cannot be used by the general student population are excluded (id: AutoCAD for specific curriculum)

§ Requests should enrich student learning, but individual classrooms are excluded from consideration

§ Think of things that are not currently available to students

§ Think of things that would enhance or improve current technology & learning.

§ Student Technology Fee is not for personal use or gain

What do you do first?  

                 Click here for the 
        'Student Tech Fee Proposal Form'

Then follow these simple instructions:

    ≈ Have a clear idea about your request.

    ≈ Open the Student Tech Fee Proposal form and fill out the Proposal page.  

    ≈ Do not fill out the Quote section.

    ≈ Do the best you can to be as detailed as possible.

    ≈ Save As:  STF Funding Request-'title of proposal'

    ≈ Attach to an email and send to STFCommittee@olympic.edu

    ≈ You will probably be contacted for clarification so please leave good   
        contact information.

    ≈ When your proposal is due to go before the Student Tech Fee 
       committee you will be invited to attend so you can discuss your proposal 
       with the members before they vote to accept it or not.  This is strictly 
       optional but highly recommended.


For more information call Sandy Johnson @ 475-7610