Guidelines for the Math/Physics Study Center

The Olympic College Math/Physics Study Center provides drop-in tutorial assistance to students currently enrolled in Olympic College math courses.  

Tutoring is available for all levels of Math. The Math/Physics Study Center is staffed by peer tutors chosen by the Math Department. The Center is  located in  the Science Technology Building, Rooms 124 & 126.  All services are free.  Additional study groups facilitated by a tutor are offered at alternate locations as funding, staffing, and space is permitted. See Tutorial Services for more information for tutoring in other academic areas.

The Math Study Center Tutors are available to provide assistance. However, when the Study Center is crowded, they may need to limit their time with you to help others. You are encouraged to work with your study buddies from class and other students in the Study Center. Your classmates can be very helpful to you. 

  • Each student using the Math Study Center is required to sign in on TutorTrac to document their study center usage. This documentation is necessary to obtain funding to keep the Study Center operational.
  • Students are encouraged to sign-in and have a seat to wait for assistance. Assistance will be provided as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the tutor is aware of your need for help. The tutors wear badges to identify themselves.  It is OK to raise your hand or tap the tutor on the shoulder.
  • Study Center Tutors can help you understand concepts and examples presented in the text. They will be happy to work sample problems to help you learn.  Study Center Tutors are not permitted to complete homework problems for students and are strictly forbidden from assisting with take-home tests! No exceptions.

Students using the study center are bound by these guidelines and all Olympic College rules and regulations governing the use of college facilities and programs.


Rev.: October 5, 2013 Karen Osborn