Running Start Students 
Educational Planning

Welcome to Olympic College Running Start Program. We are interested in your success and want to assist you in achieving your educational goals. Careful planning is important. You have the primary responsibility of assessing your skills and interests, determining your personal, educational and career goals and developing an educational plan. Our advisors provide academic advising and planning assistance. We can guide you through the process of enrolling in courses to meet your needs. Contact our office to schedule an appointment: 360-475-7646 or 1-800-259-6718 ext. 7646.


Running Start Program Services:


•  Quarterly Workshops


•  Interpretation of degree requirements


•  Development of an academic plan to achieve your educational goal


•  Unofficial Transcript Evaluation



The educational planning process will help you to


•  Identify the high school requirements and credits you need for high school graduation.


•  Become familiar with OC programs and degree options.


•  Research career field and educational programs based on your career and life goals.


•  Identify an educational goal or college major and transfer school.


•  Identify the major prerequisites and department admission requirements.


•  Plan courses to meet your educational objectives.





High School Counselor and Career/Vocational Specialist - High School requirements & career counseling


Running Start Advisors - OC degree requirements and general academic transfer information


Faculty Advisors - major-specific transfer planning and professional technical programs


Counseling Faculty - career interest testing, identifying a major and life goals


Career Center - career and student employment services and cooperative education and internship


College and University Web sites or catalogs - admission, academic programs and transfer prerequisites


Transfer School Advisors - admission and prerequisites for majors at your transfer school