Student Voices

Meet our Running Start students!  As a group Running Start participants are extremely successful and academically advanced.  Did you know:

  • Over 800 students participated in Running Start in 2013-2014
  • On average Running Start students earn a higher quarterly GPA than regular OC students
  • The majority of Running Start students (95%) take academic prep/transfer classes
  • At least 15% of Running Start students earn an associate degree and high school diploma at the same time

Many Running Start students find that they thrive in an college environment, challenge themselves to perform their best, and exceed their academic goals.

But you don't have to take our word for it!

"One of the reasons why I chose Running Start was because my high school had limited classes to choose from and there were too many distractions.  I wanted my high school experience to be something worth remembering and at the same time, a good challenge.  When I heard about this program from my friends, I really liked how supportive they were to push me to do this.  They kept talking about how they choose their classes, and what time they wanted it to start.  I liked their enthusiasm about going to school, and getting an AA degree even though they were still in high school".


Mark Guzman
Bremerton High School
Class of 2014

Katheryn Camm
Bremerton High School
Class of 2014
     "Running Start was a challenging, eye opening, and fulfilling experience for me.  From it I learned to patient, manage my time well and become a much more critical thinker.  I learn[ed] how to see the world through several different perspectives and face new challenges I had never been presented with before.  I grew as an individual; I learned to accept myself and be proud of my beliefs and my opinions.  I learned when to humble myself and take the advice of those around me...I have worked long and hard to be where I am today, and I am proud to be an Olympic College graduate at the age of 17".
"When I first came here, I was a socially awkward homeschooler who was very comfortable just staying in my own bubble instead of talking to new people.  Now, however I am more open and willing to branch out.  My first quarter, I started playing Frisbee with the group that played on field.  Winter quarter 2013 I joined Bible club...I am helping the Olympian with their 'Campus Noise' and going out talking to people and getting their thoughts.  And all through that time, I was learning and working on my schoolwork".

Ian Bartlett
South Kitsap School District
Class of 2014

"I had to adapt, and I eventually learned that higher level education is very independent.  I began to adjust, and now I am comfortable with taking full responsibility of my time management and studying skills.  I am thankful for this because it will set me up for academic success after high school...Because of the flexible schedule, as well as the rigorous course load, I have been able to submit more impressive applications, and ultimately reach a greater level of success".   

Becca Young
Central Kitsap High School
Class of 2015

"Challenges I have seen as Running Start students are commonplace among them.  The two greatest challenges are lack of confidence and lack of information.  Many Running Start students tend to be timid when they first enter the program, for they are intimidated by the college environment.  I would recommend that they walk forward with their head held high; those that show confidence will receive respect".

Cole Majors
South Kitsap High School
Class of 2014