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Running Start SharePoint Site

  • View Preliminary, enrollment and grade reports under the Share Documents link for your school
  • Use your assigned school log-in and password to access the SharePoint site
  • Passwords are updated approximately every 3 months in compliance with site security protocol

Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF)

  • Always use current version of the RSEVF and recycle all previous versions of the form
  • Indicate "1st semester" or "2nd semester" for the high school term:
    • OC Fall Quarter = High School 1st semester
    • OC Winter Quarter = High School 2nd semester
    • OC Spring Quarter = High school 2nd semester
  • Provide the high school FTE, not the number of high school classes a student is enrolled in
  • Use the Running Start Funding Limit Table to look up and specify the maximum college FTE available to your students based on their high school enrollment
  • Write notes in the "Comments" section describing acceptable alternates or schedule considerations
  • Changes to Schedule: If a student changes his/her high school or college schedule, a new RSEVF should be completed and submitted to the college immediately, reflecting the revised FTE eligibility
  • If a mistake in completing the RSEVF is made by either the high school or college, the party that made the mistake should absorb the incorrectly calculated FTE
  • Attachment A - Clarifying Guidance on 1.2 FTE Limitation

August 2014 Update

  • The RSEVF now includes a check box to indicate if students are enrolled at more than one college


  • A new "Location of Running Start Class" section indicates student enrollment in Running Start at the college or at the high school.  Currently, all OC Running Start students are attending through the college, so you will mark the "College Campus" check box and leave the high school box blank.


  • Whereas you previously indicated the maximum credits of Running Start eligibility, staff are now asked to indicate the maximum Running Start FTE.


  • The Recommended Running Start Classes chart now includes new columns for "# of Months for class" and "FTE".


  • The Running Start Funding Limit Table was simplified from the June update.  Once a student's high school enrollment is determined use the "Max RS FTE" column to identify the student's Running Start FTE eligibility and FTE of recommended Running Start classes.


Spring Quarter Eligibility Adjustment Form (SQEAF)

  • Students that are on track to exceed the 1.20 Annualized Average Full-Time Equivalent (AAFTE) must have their spring quarter Running Start FTE reduced
  • Indicators that a student might need the SQEAF:
    • Any student who exceeded the combined 1.20 FTE in January
    • Any student who increased his/her college FTE between fall and winter quarters
    • Any student who started full-time and claimed at the high school in September and then enrolled full-time in college classes and claimed at the college in October.
  • The SQEAF should be attached to the RSEVF (with a check in the box in the upper right hand corner of the RSEVF) prior to spring quarter registration
  • Attachment A - Clarifying Guidance on 1.2 FTE Limitation
  • Attachment C -  Spring Quarter Eligibility Adjustment Form 

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