Running Start Advising

At Olympic College, Running Start students are required to meet with a Running Start advisor every quarter. This expectation is enforced through the use of a signature or quarterly PIN number in order to register.  Generally, students will also meet with a faculty member in the discipline in which the student chooses to major. A list of faculty advisors is available on the Who is My Advisor webpage.   

Student Responsibilities:

  • Checking for and reading/complying with all emails using OC student email account
  • Initiate scheduling of quarterly advising appointment early in the advising/registration timeframe  
  • Arriving promptly and prepared to make full use of the advising session
  • Reviewing the quarterly schedule of classes before the advising session if you are going to be discussing registration
  • Asking questions to get the help that is needed  
  • Discussing academic difficulties with your advisor 

Educational Planning

We are interested in your success and want to assist you in achieving your educational goals.  Careful planning is important.  

Educational Planning is:

  • Identifying the high school requirements and credits you need for high school graduation
  • Becoming familiar with OC programs and degree options
  • Researching career field and educational programs based on your career and life goals
  • Identifying an educational goal or college major and transfer school
  • Identifying prerequisites for your future major department and any department admission requirements
  • Planning courses to meet your educational objectives

We are here to help!

    Running Start
    class selection, general AA degree information, high school liaison

    Faculty Advisors  
    Major-specific transfer planning and professional technical programs    
    Counseling Services - OC Counselors
    Identifying a major and life goals, academic intervention, workshops.  
    Career Services
    Career assessments, Career advising, development workshops

    Academic Planning
    Create your educational plan, meet with general academic advisors, degree planning worksheets, 
    and transfer information

    Information Sessions
    Explore professional technical programs, hear from faculty experts, attend a workshop of interest