The Olympian (student newspaper)

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The Olympian

Technical Building, Room 101

FAX: 360-475-7684

Publication Dates

Every two weeks during the academic year: fall, winter, and spring quarters.


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Geoff Hayes

The Olympian , Olympic College’s student newspaper, is published every two weeks during the school year (excluding summer). The paper is written and produced by student journalists who are enrolled in journalism writing, design, and editing classes. Students uphold the highest standards of journalistic practices and ethics while they sharpen their skills and fulfill the paper’s mission: to be the Olympic College community newspaper.

Over the past six years, the paper and its staff have won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Western Washington Press Association, and the American Collegiate Press Association.

The Olympian accepts letters to the editor of no more than 300 words. Letters should be typed or neatly written. A name, telephone number, and signature should accompany the letter (for verification purposes). Letters may be edited for libel, space, clarity, length, or excessive obscenity.

Notices for publication, news releases, and letters to the editor may be dropped off at The Olympian offices, TEC 101, or deposited in The Olympian’s mail drawer located near the Quick Copy Center in the Facility Services Building. A two-week lead time is suggested.

Those who wish to buy advertising space in The Olympian should contact the newspaper Ad Manager at olyeditor@olympic.edu or 360-475-7690. Prospective advertisers may submit camera-ready copy or request ad design services. A two-week lead time is suggested.

Ad Rates

  • Full page, $400
  • Half page, $200
  • Quarter page, $115
  • One-eighth page, $65
  • One-sixth page, $35

Quotes are available for "insert" advertising. Discounts are available to advertisers who contract for five consecutive issues.


Positions may be available. Earn while you learn: Co-op, Scholarships, & Work-study
There are many opportunities for participating as a member of the staff of The Olympian. Newcomers to newspaper journalism are always welcome. Among positions:

Reporters are the nuts and bolts of our operation: we could not exist without them. Students who enjoy writing are encouraged to consider reporting and writing for The Olympian. Among the paper’s "beats" (areas of coverage) are: student government, board of trustees, news, features, arts and entertainment, and sports.

Without pictures, the newspaper would be a dull read, indeed. We always are interested in adding people to the staff who see view the world through the viewfinder of a camera. Photographers learn traditional darkroom techniques. In addition, we recently purchased a digital camera for staff photographers’ use.

A visually appealing newspaper is a newspaper that is well read. Students who enjoy layout, drawing, graphic design, and/or computer design are in great demand at The Olympian. If you have never created on the computer, never fear: computer design can be learned and we can teach you.

Editorial Cartoonists
If you have a flair for cartooning and a sharp wit, think about sharing your thoughts on the editorial pages of The Olympian. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think.

Copy Editors
If you like to cross every "T" and dot every "I," then we have the place for you. Copy editors are reporters best friends: they read for errors in punctuation, style, and grammar; they find "holes" that keep a story from being the best it can be; and they save us from making embarrassing mistakes.

The Olympian distributes its positions of leadership to four main areas: Editor, Editorial Director, Photo Editor and Design Editor. The Editor oversees the work of reporters and copy editors. The Photo Editor works with photographers and the Design Editor coaches students working in the graphic design and layout arenas. The Editorial Director is in charge of all columns and letters that appear on the Opinion pages of the newspaper.

Students who are interested in joining The Olympian are encouraged to contact the Olympian editor at olyeditor@olympic.edu, or call the Olympian at 360-475-7690.