Multicultural Services Center Services

Services for Students

Leadership Development

MSC has several opportunities for leadership and leadership development. We sponsor students to attend the Students of Color Conference held each spring as well as the Kitsap Human Rights Conference, the SPSHEDPDiversity Institute, and several other leadership workshops and conferences. The MSC offers a leadership institute, where students can develop their skills and become Student Ambassadors. Also, there are opportunities to volunteer and build a strong portfolio of activities to support scholarship and job applications.

Multicultural Programs and Events

MSC sponsors several cultural programs and events throughout the academic year. Events include such things as speakers, cultural performances, celebrations, workshops, conferences, and video series. See the calendar for details. We are always looking for program suggestions and welcome volunteers to help plan events.

Information and Referral

It's the business of the MSC staff to be familiar with how and where to locate campus and community resources. If you have a question, we will make every effort to find an answer and assist you in navigating the college system.

MSC Lounge

Students, faculty, staff and community members utilize this area to study, explore identity issues, learn about other cultures, and dialogue in a safe and welcoming space. We often host special events, potlucks and other celebrations in the MSC lounge.

Scholarship Assistance

We can help with the process of identifying scholarship opportunities and completing competitive applications. Multicultural Services also offers 6 scholarships per academic year with nothing for summer quarter.

Computer Lab

MSC currently has two computers available for student use. Limited printing is also available.


We have a library of diverse reading materials, books, periodicals and videos available to both students and faculty. We strive to include a variety of multicultural materials and welcome suggestions for future additions.

Multicultural Clubs

The MSC encourages multicultural clubs to meet with our staff to help in developing programs and activities to support their purpose. We assist with resources, co-sponsorship, community outreach, referral and other support services. If you are interested in starting a multicultural club, we can help you with the process.

Services for Faculty/Staff

Speakers and Programming

MSC will fund and contract diversity programs and speakers for classroom presentations. The Director for Multicultural Services is available to instruct 1-1.5 hour diversity presentations for classes.

Professional Development Opportunities

We assist in coordinating and funding several professional development opportunities. Ask about the annual Faculty and Staff of Color Conference, Kitsap Human Rights Conference, SPSHEDPDiversity Institute, and serving as and advisor for the Students of Color Conference. Other professional development opportunities are available throughout the year. Come by and see us for information on these programs as well as funding opportunities.