Work Journal Guidelines 

Work Journal

The Work Journal is submitted to your faculty coordinator every two (2) weeks unless otherwise noted. It is an important part of the grade you will receive (25%). This is the method by which you document your learning to your co-op instructor. So consider this: What does your co-op instructor need to know about your performance, your duties, progress made toward your objectives, reasons why you haven't achieved your objectives, etc., to be able to evaluate your experience to your satisfaction? If in doubt, write it out!!

The Work Journal should be one to two pages, should be written in paragraph form and in complete sentences. In addition, it should demonstrate good grammar and spelling. The Work Journal should be submitted in the following format:

                    Student Name 
                    No. of hours Worked

List key activities you performed which relate to your objectives.

For example: One of your learning objectives is to develop art projects for pre-school age children. You design a project and turn the preschoolers loose. You should record what the project entails, how the children responded, what they did with their paint, how long it took for them to understand, what the results were, who had trouble, etc.


Reflect on your experiences and record your impressions.
For example: What were your impressions, feelings, reactions? Were you successful? Failures, near misses, and omissions are valuable learning experiences. What were your concerns? Make a note of discomfort as well as triumph.


What did you learn from these activities?
Summarize your strengths, areas needing improvement and skills learned. For example: After you have spent some time thinking about your experiences, it my be possible to identify causes, skills or patterns. What alternative skills or actions are possible? How are you affected?

Note: In addition, your co-op instructor may give additional assignments such as supplemental readings which you may be asked to summarize in your Work Journal.