Paying for College:

Federal Financial Aid

Grants, Scholarships,
& Loans

Consists of Pell grants
and/or federal student
loans. Awards are
dependent upon student and family size, income,
and financial assets.

For further assistance
understanding FAFSA:
7 simple steps 

IRS data retrieval tool

To access the FAFSA
website, follow the link:

For access Olympic College
(or other college grants): www.Washboard.org

WA State Need Grant is a
need-based aid:
WA State Need Grant

Some colleges offer tuition
waivers. Contact your
college for more
information regarding eligibility requirements.


Additional State & Federal Skills Training Programs:

 Workfirst Program

Work Study

Worker Retraining 

Provides recipients of
TANF with customized
training for short term

Provides recipients of
financial aid opportunities
for work experience on
or off campus. Award is
dependent upon
financial need.

Provides access to
skills training for the
unemployed who
need to upgrade
skills or acquire new

Basic Food Employment Training (BFET) 

Provides recipients of basic food assistance with financial help for tuition, fees, and books for approved professional/technical certification programs.

Olympic College Financial Need Programs:

Opportunity Grant

Students In Need Group

Provides educational
funding for low-income
verified, WA state
residents, who have
maintained a GPA of
2.0 or above.
Recipients must have
applied for FAFSA and
be enrolled in an approved
program of study.

Offers additional resources
and community referrals
including, but not limited to:
food, bus tokens, shelter
resources, and a book
lending library.