Academic Intervention

What is Academic Intervention?

Academic Intervention is designed to assist students’ recognition of the obstacles interrupting their academic progress and achievement by offering success strategies in the form of courses, workshops, individual meetings with counselors and advisers, and additional campus resources.  At Olympic College we encourage and support our students' persistence and success.

What is Early Alert

Early Alert is a student-centered program designed to connect students with the resources needed to support their success while at Olympic College. Faculty may submit Early Alert referrals to get additional support for students who are experiencing academic or personal difficulties.  The referral process continues throughout the quarter; the first three weeks are critical for student persistence and success, however.

Students should meet with their instructors or speak with a counselor immediately if they are experiencing difficulties.  Access Services coordinate accommodations for students with disabilities.  OC's Student Resources webpage contains important information including tutorial services (math and writing centers).

To schedule an appointment

Advising & Counseling Center
Humanities & Student Services Bldg., 203

360.475.7530 CounselingServices@olympic.edu 

Special arrangements for students on the Shelton and Poulsbo campuses may be necessary.

What are the Academic Progress Policies?

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