Future Members

Minimum Requirements

Olympic College Phi Theta Kappa applicants must have completed a minimum of 15 college credits, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. All applicants must submit a completed Membership Application, Profile Form, unofficial copy of their college transcript, and a copy of the receipt for a membership fee of $80, which should be paid to the Olympic College cashier. The $80 fee is a one-time charge that pays for each member's International Dues, Regional Dues, and Chapter Fees. To get this information please either visit our Resources webpage, Contact Us, or come in and ask one of our Chapter Officers in BSC 115.

If You Are Eligible to Join

At the beginning of each Spring and Fall quarter, names of eligible members are compiled onto a list. The list is then checked for current and alumni member names. Once this is completed the letters are mailed. Since mainly Beta Gamma Eta officers and members, instead of computers, accomplish this task, mistakes are made. Some current members receive invitation letters and members who are eligible are mistaken for current members. This is either because the first and last names are the same, including the middle initial, or because we have made an error. You may submit your application materials prior to receiving an invitation mailer if you already qualify and wish to join.

The letters invite eligible members to an orientation, which takes about one half hour. At the orientation there is a short DVD Presentation given. Eligible members have the opportunity to ask questions. So please either come to the orientation or stop by our office in BSC 115 for more information. Learn more about the upcoming orientations by looking at our Calendar webpage.

If you have any questions or cannot attend one the orientations please feel free to email us at

What Happens Once You Join

Once a person joins Phi Theta Kappa, they will receive a certificate, membership card and Phi Theta Kappa pin. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is lifelong. When a person graduates from Olympic College, they will immediately become an Alumni and may participate in Alumni activities. If a person transfers to another college with a Phi Theta Kappa chapter, they will automatically be eligible to participate in member activities as an active member of their new college's chapter.

What Happens if Your GPA Drops After Joining

Olympic College requires a cumulative GPA of 3.25 to maintain active member status. If a member were to fall below this required GPA, they would have a one-quarter probationary period to raise their GPA. If the member were still unable to raise their GPA after their probationary period, that person would be reduced to inactive status and be unable to participate in any Phi Theta Kappa events or access Phi Theta Kappa benefits until they are able to meet the required GPA requirements.