Job Search and Preparation Tools

Career Services offers employment preparation assistance and resources for students, graduates, and individuals intending to enroll in Olympic College. Listed below are sample resumes, cover letters and other job preparation forms to use as references. Hard copies of these forms are also available for students in the Career Center at no cost.

Do you need help with writing your resume or cover letter?

Visit the Writing Center! http://www.olympic.edu/Students/StudentServices/Tutoring/WritingCenter/
We can show you how to improve your writing skills to create an effective resume or cover letter to present to potential employers.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Other Forms

Here are some simple Resume and Cover Letter Templates that you may use when creating your resume or cover letter Just enter and save the information on the templates. The formatting is already laid out for you. Next to each template, is a completed Resume or Cover Letter Sample that you can look at.

Please make sure you SAVE your resume or cover letter in MIcrosoft Word and in a separate, portable file (e.g., floppy disk, thumbdrive) or to your computer at home, if you plan to use it later.

Preparation for Job Interviews

Conducting Your Job Search

Keyboarding/10-Key OPAC Testing

Fees for Tests
Students/alumni pay NO fee; all other personnel pay $10.00

Students/alumni need to visit and register with the Career Center. This will confirm that you are a student.
Non-students do not have to register. Prior to taking any tests, they must to go to the Cashier's Office at the College Service Center, pay the $10.00 fee and bring their receipt to us.

Warm Up Practice Tests and Actual Test
Once you are ready to take the test, you will be given a 3-minute warm up practice test in either keyboarding or 10-key touch. You can take this test as many times as you would like until you are ready to take the actual test.

The actual test is 5-minutes in length. If you are satisfied with your results, we will create a nice certificate that will have your results on it. You can take this to the employer whom you are applying for a job with. You can return to take the test another day, but you must pay the $10.00 fee (if applicable to you) again.

Scheduling an appointment to take a test
Call the Career Center, at (360) 475-7480 to schedule an appointment to take the Keyboard Typing test and/or the 10-Key Typing test.

Note: Check with your employer first to see if they will accept our certificate. Some employers will not.