Career Services and Faculty Partnership

Career Services and Faculty Partner to Help Students!

There are many opportunities for the Career Services staff to help faculty and for faculty to help Career Services in assisting students with their career development process or with gaining meaningful experience through employment. Here are some suggestions on how Career Services and faculty together can help students:

Career Services Orientations-Encourage your students to come by the Career Center for an orientation; they will learn about career assessments, occupational resources, and student employment opportunities; including work study. Students may use the conveniently located computer lab, which includes an ADA computer workstation, to research career fields and employment opportunities.

Class Presentations When You Are Away-Don’t cancel that class! Career Services staff will take attendance for you and provide presentations on resume and cover letter writing, or information on other career development topics such as informational or job interviews, portfolio development, and job search strategies.

Up-Dates on Annual Events-Annual events and quarterly workshops are posted on our web site http://www.olympic.edu/Students/StudentServices/CareerCenter/.  Encourage your students to participate in career and employment activities that can assist with furthering their career development. or employment seeking strategies.

Career Trends and Employment Forecast
-Career Services can provide the latest employment information as well as trends that can influence your student’s career choices. Career and employment labor market information sources consist of the following:

  • Washington State Labor Market Information
  • National Association of Colleges and Employers
  • Washington Career Employment Services Council
  • Department of Labor
  • Washington Occupational Information Systems
  • Network Explored
  • Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers

Referrals to Your Academic Program
-Sharing information on your program, program requirements, and related career fields will assist us in referring students to programs that match their interests and abilities.

Employers Seeking to Hire Students in Your Program-Employers often contact faculty members in an effort to generate new hirers. Career Services has been working successfully with employers seeking to hire Olympic College students and graduates for over 15 years. Our no cost services can increase employment opportunities for students while aiding employers with qualified potential employees.

Bremerton Career Center-Humanities and Student Services (HSS) 205; (360) 475-7480
Shelton Career Center-Building A; (360) 432-5431

Teresa McDermott, Director of Career Center