Career Assessments

WOIS/The Career Information System- http://www.wois.org/. On this website, you can complete online career assessments and research occupations, educational programs, schools and military information. You may access the WOIS website at the Career Center, the student lab and Haselwood Library on the Bremerton campus. You may also access the site from the Kitsap Regional Library off-campus.

Human Metrics - http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp. After completing the questionnaire, you will obtain: Your type formula according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typology along with the strengths of the preferences, a description of your personality type, and a list of occupations and educational institutions where you can get relevant degree or training, most suitable for your personality type.

WorkForce Explorer - http://www.workforceexplorer.com/cgi/career/?PAGEID=3.
This website has occupational outlooks, local training programs, job listing resources and career planning information. You can also search for occupations by Assessment Codes or Skills. For more information, see the above website.

Assessments are tools designed to help you learn about yourself and what occupations might suit you. They are not meant to give you answers, but simply point to possibilities based on your interests, values, or skills.

When you get the resulting occupations you can link to detailed occupational information such as wages, employment forecasts, required skills, knowledge and abilities and more.

Interest Profiler - select answers to 180 questions; get occupations that match your interest preferences. Link to occupational details.

Work Importance Locator - drag and drop 20 value "cards"; get occupations that match the way you ranked your values. Link to occupational details.

Occupations by Assessment Codes - record your scores from the two assessments above, enter them into this tool to get matching occupations. Link to occupational details.

Find Occupations by Skills - select your skills from a list to get matching occupations. Link to occupational details.

Skills Profiler from Career Onestop - select your skills and skill level to get matching occupations. Link to occupational details.

Other Career Resources

O-Net Online - http://online.onetcenter.org/.
Use a list of your skills to find matching O*NET-SOC occupations. For more information, see the above website.

Check Out A College - http://www.checkoutacollege.com/
Discover your career interests, explore your education options, and find the Washington state community or technical college that best meets your goals.

Career Counseling (on campus) - http://www.olympic.edu/Students/StudentServices/CounselingServices/.
Career Counseling is a process of examining your skills, interests, aptitudes, and/or values and applying them to the present world of work. Essentially, you find out as much as you can about yourself and then you find out as much as you can about the careers that you are considering and look for the best fit.

For information about Career Counseling, go to this website. http://www.olympic.edu/Students/StudentServices/CounselingServices/careercounsel.htm