Back Row: Athena Rosario, Rikki Picariello, Lexi Orteza, Emma Smootz
Front Row: Kristi Cosgrove, Miranda Sanderson, Sarah Silbowitz, Ronni Adkins, Felitia Buss, Jacqui Bushor
Not Pictured:

2010 Roster

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# Player Name Position B/T Height Year High School / Previous School
2 Rikki Picariello INF R/L 5'3" So. Riverside Secondary
(B.C., Canada)
3 Miranda Sanderson UTL R/R 5'4'' Fr. Olympic
(Bremerton, Wash.)
4 Lexi Orteza UTL L/R 5'3'' Fr. Olympic
(Bremerton, Wash.)
5 Samantha Jacobs RHP/OF R/R 5'4'' Fr. South Kitsap
(Port Orchard, Wash.)
6 Sarah Silbowitz MID IF R/R 5'5'' Fr. Ashland
(Ashland, Ore.)
7 Emma Smootz OF/RHP R/R 5'2'' Fr. South Kitsap
(Port Orchard, Wash.)
8 Ronni Adkins OF R/R 5'7'' Fr. West Salem
(Salem, Ore.)
10 Kristi Cosgrove 3B R/R 5'3'' So. South Kitsap
(Port Orchard, Wash.)
12 Kim Laur OF R/R 5'1'' Fr. Olympic
(Bremerton, Wash.)
14 Jacqui Bushor RHP/OF R/R 5'8'' Fr. Bremerton
(Bremerton, Wash.)
15 Felitia Buss RHP/IF R/R 5'5'' So. South Kitsap
(Port Orchard, Wash.)
17 Bre Stanley OF/RHP R/R 5'3'' Fr. Klahowya Secondary
(Bremerton, Wash.)
22 Athena Rosario C/UTL R/R 5'2'' Fr. Olympic / Blue Mountain CC
(Bremerton, Wash.)
Head Coach: Jessica Cabato (3rd year) Bethune-Cookman (FL)
Asst. Coach: Jeff Robinson (3rd year)
Brittany Waldon (1st year) Pfieffer College (NC)
Athletic Director: Barry Janusch
Athletic Trainer: Janae Jenkins MVP Physical Therapy

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