Are you interested in serving on student government?? Join the ASOC!!! Get Involved Now!!!!

Your Student Government is looking for someone like you.

Elections are occuring  thisSpring Quarter we will be looking for a new

         ~ASOC President,
         ~Executive Vice President
          ~Vice President of Student  Affairs 
          ~Vice President of Poulsbo
           ~Vice President of Shelton
            ~VP of Diversity of Equity
              ~VP of Finance
            Check out this flyer for more election information 
 We want you 

                            Election Schedule  

March 31st-April 30th     Apply to positions
May 1st 3:30-4:30 Candidate Meeting (North Conference Room)
May 6th 12-1:30     Candidate Forum (North Conference Room)
May12th-20th @ 12 P.M. Campaigning/Voting
May 20th at Noon     Announcement of  Elected Officials

Below is the digital copy of the candidate handbook


Check Out the ASOC Constitution for more information about ASOC


                        Stop by room 118 in the Bremer Student Center to learn more and Get involved Now!!
                                                        Some Benefits of being part of the ASOC Team include:

          • Great Leadership Expirience
          • Flexible Work Hours
          • Excellent Networking opprotunities
          • Influential voice in the OC Community