Tuition Assistance (TA)

Guidelines to getting the money you need for college

1.     Meet with an OC Mil Ed advisor to create an educational plan.

2.     See your Navy College office for a Web Electronic Tuition Assistance (WebTA) brief.

3.     Register for classes.

4.     Request tuition assistance (TA) through Command.

5.     Check Virtual Education Center - Navy College Program.

6.     Sign your TA Authorization.

7.     Bring the funded and signed TA Authorization to your OC Mil Ed advisor or email it to jmeyer@olympic.edu.

Effective Winter Quarter 2015, students using TA (Tuition Assistance) will need to pay a portion of their tuition and all of their fees. The Department of Defense (DoD) has determined only $85.68 of $106.84 (per credit tuition rate) will be paid. In effect, students will now be responsible for paying the remaining $21.16 of tuition PLUS any class lab fees PLUS $65 in mandatory fees ($20 Security Fee, $3.50 per credit Tech Fee and $1.00 per credit Student Services Fee). Please note that this decision was made by the DoD and impacts all colleges in the State of Washington.

Due to the late notice from the DoD, the College is extending an offer to all active duty military students using TA's to have tuition paid in full no later than February 5, 2015.

If you drop, add or change courses, you must let Navy College and your OC Mil Ed advisor know to ensure changes are made in the TA data base.