Find funding opportunities for you below. If you have additional questions the Educational Opportunity Center may be able to assist you, or see a list of additional options.

Low income

Recent unemployment

  • If you have received or been eligible to receive Washington State unemployment insurance benefits within the last 24 months contact Worker Retraining (Bremerton 360-475-7231 or Shelton 360-432-5423).
  • Find a job or internship to help finance your education. Contact the Career Center (360-475-7480).

Self-employment or displaced homemaker

Contact Worker Retraining (Bremerton 360-475-7480 or Shelton 360-432-5423).

High school diploma not completed

Active duty military, a dependent or National Guard

Veteran or recently retired military

You or your family members may qualify for assistance. Contact Veterans Services (360-475-7560).

Need college preparation classes

Math, English, writing, reading and GED preparation courses are $25 per quarter or may be free if you qualify. Contact Adult Education (360- 475-7550)

60 years or older

You may qualify for a space available tuition waiver. (360-475-7200).

English is your second language

Get help learning English. Contact ESL (360- 475-7278).

Need a job or internship

Contact the Career Center (360-475-7480).

Washington state foster care recipient

If you ever received foster care in Washington you may qualify for assistance. See resources.

Washington State Classified employee

If you are employed for 20 hours a week or more you may qualify for a space available waiver. (360-475-7200).

OC employee

See funding opportunities.

Additional resources