GED® Testing

To request a copy of a GED Transcript/Certificate that was completed 2002 - present, go to:  www.gedtestingservice.com
To request a copy of a GED Transcript that was completed PRIOR to 2002, go to:  https://gedverify.org  

Humanities & Student Services Building, Room 222
Phone: (360) 475-7238   

Fax: (360) 475-7470


Computer-Based GED Testing Schedule:

Monday - Friday -
all testing is by Appointment

Visit www.GED.com to register for testing appointments or 
phone the Call Center at 1-877-EXAM-GED (1-877-392-6433) 
See page below for information on how to prepare for Computer-Based GED Testing.

Fees:  The total GED test battery fee is $120.00; there are four modules which each have a fee of $30.  Fees are paid when setting the appointment(s) online at www.ged.com  This will require the use of a Debit or Credit card to make payment. 

If a debit/credit card is not available, a GED Voucher can be purchased from the OC Bookstore using Cash or Check (personal check or an agency-provided check).  This Voucher number will be used when making payment online at www.ged.com  OC Bookstore contact is 360-475-7420 or ocbookstore@olympic.edu

Exceptions to the GED Testing Schedule
involve Olympic College Final Exams, College Break Periods, and Holidays.
GED Testing will be not be available during Olympic College Final Exams each of the four academic quarters. 
During the Break periods between academic quarters and the first two weeks of each academic quarter, GED Testing is available, but the times will be more limited.  
GED Testing is not offered on college holidays and will be limited on the eve of the following holidays:  Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day.

Parking Information

A Valid Parking Pass (Student Parking Sticker, Employee Placard or Visitor Pass) is required for the entirety of a vehicle being parked on campus.  Visitor Parking Passes can be obtained from the Welcome Kiosk or Campus Safety Office on the first floor of the HSS building.  Place this pass face up on the dashboard before checking in for testing.  

GED - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the GED Tests?

The tests of General Educational Development are directed by the American Council on Education.  A High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate, which documents that demonstration of high school level academic skills, is earned.  

Who can take the GED Test?
The GED test is for adult residents of this state, at least 19 years of age, who have not graduated from high school, have not received a high school diploma or equivalency certificate and are not currently enrolled in a regular high school.  
Candidates who are 16-18 years of age must provide written approval from the school district in which they reside or a notarized statement on the completion of a home-based instruction program in order to be eligible for GED testing.  The GED Tests cannot be administered to persons under 16 years of age. 

What do I need to take the GED Modules?

1.)  Appropriate Photo Identification
2.)  Approved Age Documentation form, if candidate is 16-18 years of age
3.)  An Appointment set at www.ged.com

Official Non-Expired Government-Issued Photo Identification is required each at each testing appointment. Approved forms of identification must be current/unexpired:
State-issued driver's license
State-issued identification
United States Armed Forces ID
United States passport
Unexpired foreign passport

Contact the Washington State Department of Licensing for information on obtaining a WA state ID.  Here is a link to their website with DOL locations and document requirements:  WA DOL - ID cards

Candidates aged 16-18 must submit the appropriate form to the Testing Center in order to be able to schedule a testing appointment.  For candidates who attended high school, the "Request for Approval to Test for HSE Certificate" form is issued from the last high school attended or the school district in which the candidate now resides.  For home-schooled candidates, the SBCTC or the Assessment & Testing Center has the form that must be notarized.  It is a statement that the candidate has completed a program of home-based instruction.  Once the Testing Center has noted that the Age Documentation form has been submitted in the GED Manager, then the candidate is cleared to schedule testing online.

How do I prepare to take the GED test?
GED preparation courses are offered through the Olympic College Adult Education program.  Please call 360-475-7550 for details. 
The GED website, www.ged.com also offers individual preparation programs and materials for purchase.  www.gedtestingservice.com/gedready accurately predicts whether students will pass; 95% of students scoring "likely to pass" on GED Ready™ go on to pass the official test. Computer-Based Test Tutorial prepares student for the technology behind the test. On-screen calculator demonstration video  shows students how to use the test's built-in calculator.

What are the Time Limits for the four GED Modules?
Reasoning through Language Arts - 150 minutes (including a 10 minute break)
Mathematical Reasoning - 115 minutes
Social Studies - 90 minutes
Science - 90 minutes
If more than one module is scheduled for a single appointment, a 10 minute break is offered between the modules.

What scores must I earn to pass?
The 2014 test is on a scale of 100 to 200 points with a Passing Standard of 150 points on each module.  Candidates will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each of the four content modules in order to receive a High School Equivalency credential.  There is no longer compensation between the test modules to offset lower scores on one module with higher scores on another module as there was on the 2002 Series GED Test.  The cut score for GED with Honors, representing performance consistent with readiness for career and college, has been set at 170.

When are my scores available?
Results of Computer-Based GED Tests are available immediately (exception for Reasoning through Language Arts). Candidates will login to their MyGED™ Account at www.ged.com to find their scores.

What if I do not pass a modules? 

If any one test is under the minimum passing score, then that module may be retaken.  The system will have 3 forms of the test and will make sure that the student does not take the same form twice.  There is a retake fee charged per module.  Students can re-test on the same version after 60 days from the last test.  See www.ged.com for more information on Retake Requirements.

What if I need special accommodations because of a disability?
If you have a disability which might prevent you from taking the GED test in the usual way, please check this box when registering online at www.ged.com so that special arrangements can be made.  Do this in advance to allow time to process the necessary paperwork.  The GEDTS will examine documentation and decide on approval.  The GED Testing Service will notify the candidate of its' decision and work with the candidate to schedule testing sessions.  Please refer all questions regarding Accommodated GED Testing to GEDTS. 

How do I get a copy of a GED Transcript that I earned prior to 2014?
This office can no longer access GED records in order to print official or unofficial reports/transcripts.
A person who has completed the GED test battery from 2002 - present must go to www.gedtestingservice.com to request a duplicate document. 
If it was prior to 2002, go to https://gedverify.org to request your Transcript.  
Both sites require that the candidate create and account to request the document.   There may be a fee for this service. 

Is GED Testing offered at the Shelton campus?
GED Testing is available at the Shelton campus as well as at Bremerton.  The same information above will apply.  All scheduling is done at www.ged.com and the Olympic College Shelton Testing Center can be chosen for Testing Center Location.  You can also visit Shelton GED or call 360-432-5400.


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