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Dollars for OC Students 


The FAFSA4caster tool is provided by Federal Student Aid.  This tool helps students and parents get an early estimate of their eligibility for financial aid before actually completing the entire FAFSA application itself.  This tool will also reduce the time it will take for a student to complete the FAFSA since it is designed based on the FAFSA.  Click on the link below for more information:


Net Price Calculator

This calculator will give you an estimate of the type and amount of aid students in similar financial situations as you have received to attend Olympic College. This is an estimate only and NOT a promise of an award to you. The estimated award you will see below is based on the aid we awarded to students in the 2012-2013 year. Many factors go in to deciding what award a student receives and these can change from year to year, such as the funding available from state, federal and institutional sources, the federal expected family contribution formulas, the relative amount of need of all the students at OC , and the cost to attend OC. 

In compliance with consumer information regulations, note that this Net Price Calculator is not binding with ED, the state, or Olympic College.  Information presented in the net price calculator is subject to change.   You must file a FAFSA and meet all eligibility criteria as defined by state, federal, and institutional rules.

Net Price Calculator

The calculator does not include scholarship programs at Olympic. These programs consider a variety of factors including financial need. Any scholarship you are awarded from OC or other sources will be used to calculate your eligibility for aid and may result in a revision of your financial aid award. At OC, we use any scholarship(s) you receive as well as calculate any other funding from other agencies (i.e., WorkFirst, Worker Retraining, BFET, L & I, DVR, etc.) to calculate unmet need, thereby reducing the loans and other aid if necessary so your aid does not exceed your cost of attendance, resulting in an over-award.   

Cost of Attendance at Olympic College

The table below contains current year estimated Cost of Attendance at OC. Please note that with the exception of tuition and fees, the COA is estimated for all students attending OC. 

2014-2015 Standard Nine Month Cost of Attendance



Olympic College Cost of Attendance

Not Living with Parents

Living with Parents

Tuition and Fees



Books and Supplies




Room and Board



Personal Expenses









Note: This table is a standard nine month budget for a Washington State resident for the 2014-2015 academic year (Summer 2014 Quarter to the end of Spring 2015 Quarter)

Last reviewed: December 2, 2014 KF