Office of Student Financial Aid

Providing Dollars for OC Students

Active Duty Military Students and Dependents 2014 - 2015

Military students and dependents applying for Financial Aid will need to report all military untaxed benefits (housing allowance, cost of living allowance, etc.) on their FAFSA and provide documentation of untaxed income or benefits to the Olympic College Financial Aid Office. 

Annual untaxed benefit information is available on the military member's December Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).  If applying for the 2014-2015 award year, the December 2013 LES is used to compute your eligibility for financial aid. 

Please use the links below to aid you in reporting untaxed benefits:

Military Untaxed Benefits Worksheet  Military members and their families received untaxed income per year.  This form is used to indicate the amount of untaxed military benefits received by a financial aid applicant.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service will provide you with Leave and Earning Statement (LES) Information and Basic Allowance Rates to help in the computation of untaxed income and benefits.  The DFAS system is a useful tool that can be used to complete your Military Untaxed Benefits Worksheet.  The information you will need to get the 2014 calculation is your 2013 duty zip code at the time you were active, and yes or no to dependents.

Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).  If you provide our financial aid office with a copy of your LES, please indicate on your LES if you did, or did not live in base housing.  If you did not live in base housing, you will need to provide the zip code and indicate yes or no to dependents for the military member's address of record. 

Last modified:  December 2, 2014 KF