Pharmacy Technician

Collaboration Agreement with Spokane Community College (SCC)



  • High school diploma or GED
  • National background check
  • Typing test > 35 wpm or completion
    • SCC BT101 (5cr) Keyboarding last 5 years
    • OC Career Center typing test or BSTEC 110 (3cr)
  • Interview with Pharmacy Technician instructor and/or OC advisor
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Attendance at an orientation session prior to the start of the program.  
  • Appropriate scores on ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER
    • OR Completed English and Math prerequisite courses with a 2.0 GPA or better
  • Liability and Medical Insurance required

Special Requirements

  • CPR certification
  • Complete physical examination including up-to-date immunizations
  • HIPAA training
  • HIV/AIDS training
  • Students in the Pharmacy Technician Program will be required to show proof of medical insurance and to purchase liability insurance before starting the practicum experience. The cost for care for any injuries that occur while at Olympic College or at any clinical site is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Students in the Pharmacy Technician Program will be required to have a complete physical and to be current on specific vaccinations before starting the practicum experience.
  • Students in the Pharmacy Technician Program are required to be certified in CPR. The certification must be current during the time of externship. The Healthcare Provider level CPR is recommended, but is not required.
  • Students in the Pharmacy Technician Program are required to complete HIPAA training and the 4 hour HIV/AIDS training.
  • All Students in the Pharmacy Technician Program will be required to complete a background check. 


  • Each required course completed with 2.0 GPA or better before proceeding to next quarter
  • Classes may repeat a course within a two year timeframe
  • To repeat a class in the following year, students must also pass technique skills for the lab portion of PHARM 123 and 124


After earning their certificate, students interested in continuing in this educational pathway toward an Associate Degree should work directly with Spokane Community College.

Additional Costs

  1. Books 
  2. Supplies & Equipment 
  3. Misc. Fees* 

*Misc. Fees: uniforms, liability & medical insurance,background check, level A certification, national exam 


  1. Demonstrate accountability as a health care professional.
  2. Communicate effectively in a professional manner with members of the healthcare team.
  3. Solve math-oriented problems posed to the technician by a pharmacist.
  4. Practice principles of implementing physician orders in a pharmacy setting.
  5. Demonstrate standards of aseptic technique and safety in a pharmacy setting.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of legal requirements involved in a pharmacy operation.
  7. Identify appropriate information regarding standard dosing, generic versus trade name and other drug information.
  8. Understand the role of the technician - the pharmacists/patient/technician interaction; i.e. confidentiality. 


For a complete list go to page 7 of the student guide.


To apply for the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program, fill out and submit the application packet.

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