Leadership & Occupational Studies

Associate in Applied Science—Transfer

This program is designed to prepare students for more senior level positions in a military or professional-technical career field by heightening their knowledge of organizational leadership issues and deepening their knowledge of their specific career field.

Program Outcomes

Students will:
  1. Develop a broader understanding of fundamental organizational leadership issues, theories and practices.
  2. Validate critical thinking skills and abilities in connection with general education, occupational and technical studies.
Advisor Office Phone
Bolton, Karen Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bldg 460, Room 242 360.476.5339
Mathew, Philip  Business 209 360.475.7382

Required Courses Credits
ENGL& 101 English Composition I* 5

Choose one of the following two courses:
ENGL& 102 Composition II* 5  
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing* 5 5
MATH& 107 Math in Society* (or equivalent) 5

Choose one of the following two courses:
OLRM 199 Practicum 5  
OLRM 299 Practicum 5 5
OLRM 201 Intro to Organizational Leadership 5
OLRM 202 Introduction to Organizational Ethics 5
OLRM 225 Human Relations in Organizations 5
OLRM 250 Organizational Communication 5
Humanities—any course. (ART& 100, ENGL& 111, HUMAN 284, any Foreign Language recommended) 5
Natural Science—any course. (ASTRO 101, BIOL& 160, CHEM& 121, GEOL 155 recommended) 5
Electives—10 credits chosen from ACCT& 201, BUS& 101, BUS& 201, HIST& 137, POLS& 202, PSYC& 100, SOC& 101. (Students transferring to ODU must take BUS& 101 and PSYC& 100) 10
Professional-Technical Studies—American Council on Education (ACE) approved military career field for E3 and above, Organizational Leadership and Resource Management courses, or courses from the student’s chosen technical field. (30 credits must be concentrated in one professional-technical discipline AND requires prior faculty approval.) 30
Total Credits Required 90

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog