Degrees and Certificates

General Degrees Click here

  • Associate in Arts–Direct Transfer Agreement
  • Associate in General Studies
  • Associate of Science-Track 1
  • Associate of Science-Track 2
  • Associate in Technical Arts (Option 2)

Program-Specific Degrees and Certificates

Accounting Technology

  • Accounting Technology (AAS-T, ATA)
  • Accounting Clerk (CP)
  • Tax Preparer (CC)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Payroll Clerk (CR)


  • Associate in Business
    (Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program)

Business Management

  • Business Management (ATA, CP)
  • Retail Management (WAFC) (CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Sales and Marketing
     Small Business
     Supervisory/Human Resource Skills

Business Technology

  • Administrative Office Support (ATA)
  • General Office Support (CP)
  • Legal Support Professional (CP)
  • Workplace Technology Skills (CC)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Customer Service Specialist

Computer Information Systems

  • Information Systems Specialist (AAS-T)
  • Network Support Technician (CP)
  • Technical Support (CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     ASP Server Development
     Applications Server Support
     CIS Basic Concepts
     CIS Core Knowledge
     CIS Core Skills
     Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
     IT Project Management Essentials
     Information Systems Security
     Open Source Systems
     Small Office/Home Office Associate
     Software Application Development
     Technical Support
     Web Client-Side Development
     Web Page Design


  • Cosmetology (ATA)
  • Barbering (CS)
  • Cadet Instructor–Cosmetology (CP)
  • Esthetician (CP)
  • Manicurist (CP)

Culinary Arts

  • Sous Chef (ATA)
  • Lead Cook (CS)
  • Prep Cook (CP)
  • Cook's Helper (CC)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     International Cuisine Experience
     Retail/Wholesale Baking

Early Childhood Education

  • Early Childhood Education (AAS-T, ATA, CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
    ECE Assistant
    ECE Program Administration
    Family Childcare Management
    Infant-Toddler Specialist


  • Electronics (ATA, CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Exploring Electronics

Elementary Education

  • Associate in Elementary Education
    (Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program)


  • Engineering (AS-Track 2)
  • Biological & Chemical Pre-Engineering
    (AS-Track 2/Major Related Program 2)
  • Computer & Electrical Pre-Engineering
    (AS-Track 2/Major Related Program 3)
  • Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Industrial, Materials Science Pre-Engineering
    (AS-Track 2/Major Related Program 1)

Human Services & Chemical Dependency

  • Chemical Dependency Counseling (ATA)
  • Chemical Dependency Professional (CP)
  • Human Services (CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Human Services–Case Aide

Industrial Trades  Apprenticeship

  • Industrial Trades Technician (ATA, CS, CC)

Manufacturing Technology

  • Composites Manufacturing Technology (CC)
  • Manufacturing Technology—Principles of Precision Machining (CC)
  • Manufacturing Technology (CC)
  • Manufacturing Technology—CNC (CR) 

Medical Assisting, Medical Billing & Coding, & Medical Receptionist

  • Medical Assisting (AAS-T, CS)
  • Medical Billing & Coding (CS)
  • Medical Receptionist (CC)


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Associate in Pre-Nursing
    (Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program)
  • Nursing (ATA)
  • Transition to Associate Degree Nursing (ATA)
  • Practical Nursing (CS)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Nursing Assistant

Organizational Leadership & Resource Management

  • Leadership & Occupational Studies (AAS-T)
  • Organizational Leadership & Resource Management (AAS-T)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Leadership & the Non-Profit Organization
     Leadership & Organizational Development
     Leadership & Supervision
     Organizational Leadership

 Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician (CP)

Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Polysomnographic Technology

  • Polysomnographic Technology (CC) (in collaboration with Highline Community College)

Technical Design

  • Technical Design (ATA, CP)
  • Architectural Design (CP, CC)
  • Civil Design (CP, CC)
  • GIS Technology (CP, CC)
  • Mechanical Technology (CP, CC)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Architectural Design
     Civil Design
     GIS Technology
     Mechanical Technology
     Technical Design


  • Welding Technology (ATA, CS, CP)
  • Certificates of Recognition:
     Aluminum Welding
     Precision Metal Cutting

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Degree and Certificate Abbreviations:

AA  Associate in Arts
AAS  Associate in Applied Science
AAS-T  Associate in Applied Science–Transfer
AS  Associate of Science
ATA  Associate in Technical Arts
CC  Certificate of Completion
CP  Certificate of Proficiency
CR  Certificate of Recognition
CS  Certificate of Specialization

Source: 2012-2013 Olympic College Catalog, 2013-2014 OC Catalog updating in process 5/9/13