Medical Assisting

Associate in Applied Science—Transfer

Olympic College offers a two-year curriculum which prepares students for employment in medical settings to assist the physician and/or health care provider. This degree program is designed to help qualify medical assistants for supervisory and/or management roles and to allow an opportunity for potential transfer for those who wish to continue their education at a four year institution. The student will receive, in addition, a Certificate of Specialization in Medical Assisting.

Students planning to enroll in MEDA 210 and 211 must submit Application for Work Experience the quarter preceding enrollment in MEDA 210 and 211. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all medical assisting course work is required in order to register for MEDA 210 and 211.

Placement testing for proficiency in Mathematics and English is required for placement into ENGL& 101 or MATH& 107 as well as many of the classes in the medical assisting curriculum. Please see the course outlines and an advisor for details.

Additional costs: Computer lab fees, plus:
  1. Purchase of uniform and regulation shoes for the practicum experience;
  2. Purchase of wrist watch with sweep second hand for the practicum experience;
  3. Malpractice and liability insurance purchase for clinical classes and practicum;
  4. Proof of current immunizations including Hepatitis B;
  5. Purchase of stethoscope;
  6. Background Check.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:
  1. Accurately perform clinical skills appropriate for a medical office setting.
  2. Effectively use oral and written communication skills as they relate to a medical office environment.
  3. Use computer software to research or organize data for medical information systems.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to interact professionally with patients and staff in a healthcare setting.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to perform front office tasks such as appointment scheduling, telephone work and documentation of charges and payments.
  6. Critically evaluate medical office situations from multiple perspectives to find appropriate solutions.
  7. Recognize and be able to respond to medical office emergencies within scope of training.
  8. Recognize the impact of cultural differences in the care of patients and the interaction with co-workers.
Advisor Office Phone
Lieseke, ConnieHealth Occupations 135360.475.7741
Parker, BarbaraHealth Occupations 118360.475.7679

Required CoursesCredits
CIS150Survey of Computing4
CMST&210Interpersonal Communication*5
ENGL&101English Composition I*5
MATH&107Math in Society*5
MEDA109Healthcare Calculations*2
MEDA110Anatomy and Physiology*5
MEDA111Pathophysiology for Med Assisting*4
MEDA112Med Law, Ethics and Bioethics3
MEDA113Pharmacology for Medical Assisting*2
MEDA120Medical Office Procedures I*4
MEDA121Medical Office Procedures II*4
MEDA136Examination Room Techniques*5
MEDA137Lab Procedures for Medical Assisting*4
MEDA151MEDA Professional Preparation I1
MEDA152MEDA Professional Preparation II*1
MEDA153MEDA Professional Preparation III*1
MEDA162Medical Terminology*5 
or the following two courses: 
MEDA160Medical Terminology I*3 
MEDA161Medical Terminology II*35-6
MEDA163Medical Insurance Billing*3
MEDA168Medical Assisting Invasive Procedures*2
MEDA205Medical Claims and Coding*2
MEDA208Exit Testing for MEDA*2
MEDA209Medical Office Emergencies2
MEDA210Practicum for Medical Assistants*6
MEDA211Human Relations/MEDA*1

Choose one the following for 3 or 5 credits:
OLRM205Managing Diversity3 
OLRM220Human Relations in the Workplace3 
OLRM260Conflict Resolution53-5

Choose 10 credits from at least two different distribution areas (H, SS, NS):
Humanities (H): 
ASL&121Am Sign Language I5 
CMST253Intercultural Communication*5 
ENGL&102Composition II*5 
ENGL&235Technical Writing*5 
SPAN&121Spanish I5 

Social Sciences (SS):
ANTH&100Survey of Anthropology5 
PSYC&100General Psychology5 
PSYC102Psychology of Adjustment5 
PSYC&200Lifespan Psychology5 
PSYC&220Abnormal Psychology5 

Natural Sciences (NS):
BIOL140Environmental Issues*5 
BIOL&160General Biology w/Lab5 
CHEM&110Chemical Concepts w/Lab*6 
CHEM&121Intro to Chemistry*6 
MATH&146Intro to Statistics*5 10
Total Credits Required91-94

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2013-2014 Olympic College Catalog