Composites Manufacturing Technology

Composite Manufacturing Technology skills are in demand by companies such as The Boeing Company, Boeing suppliers, Lockheed Martin, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and many others. The aerospace industry hires many workers with composite manufacturing skills, and predicts they will see significant increases in employment capacity over the next few years. Many workers in this industry are approaching retirement age, which means the industry will need to fill those positions. Additionally, composites are used in the marine industry, in the production of medical devices, hardwood veneer/plywood manufacturing and sports equipment.

Individuals in entry-level manufacturing positions, such as Assemblers or Team Assemblers, can gain additional skills with the completion of this certificate, which may lead to higher-level work as a Helper or as a Laminator and Fabricator. With experience in the field, one could also move into a lead or first-level supervisory position in the composites manufacturing environment.

Remember, employers in all industries are looking for employees who are on time, dependable, can work well alone or in teams, have good communication skills and have a good work ethic. These important qualities are stressed in our curriculum.

Earn While You Learn!

OC's Composites Manufacturing Technology program is now an approved program for IAM/Boeing Composite Technician and Blue Streak Mechanic apprenticeship applicants! Completion of the program may qualify you for participation in a paid apprenticeship. Learn more at http://www.iam-boeing-apprenticeship.com.

Career Options

Visit WashingtonCareerPathways.org to view Career Pathways Roadmaps and learn more about potential career options and opportunities, such as those listed below, that you may qualify for after completing the program.

  • Assemblers
  • Fabricators
  • Team Assemblers
  • Helpers/Production Workers
  • Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators
  • First-Line Supervisors/Managers

Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment regulations passed by the federal government require colleges to disclose how certain programs (i.e., programs that meet certain criteria) prepare students for "gainful employment." Click on the link below to view gainful employment information for this program.

Composites Manufacturing Technology - Gainful Employment Disclosure Template

Median Hourly Wage in Washington State

$11.40 - $32.81


Deborah Welsh
Phone: 360.473.2826
Email: dwelsh@olympic.edu

Composites Manufacturing Technology - Certificate of Completion

This certificate is designed to provide students with entry-level manufacturing skills in composites and a foundation to pursue other certificates and two-year degrees in manufacturing in this specialty.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:
  1. Participate in and contribute to the effectiveness of teams.
  2. Use basic communication skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening and computing) to meet the needs of the workplace.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of composite terminology with the ability to define, utilize and explain composite terminology.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the proper conduct and procedures necessary to effectively and safely work in a composites shop.
  5. Apply learned skills in a “hands on” setting while completing real life fabrication, inspection, and repair scenarios.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding/ability to schedule a project over 5 weeks with an emphasis on the project based Bill of Materials (BOM), tooling schedules, Standard Operating Procedures, schedule, and estimated finished physical properties necessary to complete the project.
  7. Understand and perform common fastener and bonded assembly manufacturing techniques.
  8. Understand matrix materials, resins and fiber reinforcements; basic design considerations for composite structures and the unique mechanical and physical properties of composite reinforcement fibers.
  9. Evaluate a real world design/manufacturing problem and compute materials usage, physical properties and mechanical properties.
  10. Interpret an advanced composite layup schedule and how typical engineering drawings will use shorthand to describe a laminate construction.
  11. Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of different core materials used in industry for laminated sandwich panels, and demonstrate the fabrication techniques specific to PVC foam and Honeycomb.


Advisor Office Phone
Business & Technology Technical 103 360.475.7360
Houser, Guy Shop 202 360.473.2828

Course List

Required Courses Credits
MANU 170 Introduction to Composites 15
MANU 175 Advanced Composites* 15
Total Credits Required 30

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2013-2014 Olympic College Catalog, 2012 Olympic College Workforce Development "Red Book"