Industrial Trades Technician (Apprenticeship)

Associate in Technical Arts, Certificate of Specialization, or Certificate of Completion

The jobs with top salaries are those that combine academic, technical, and critical thinking skills. This comprehensive industrial trades program blends theory and practical applications to bolster learning experiences in oral and written communications, interpersonal skills, applied mathematics, and applied physics.

Olympic College can help you prepare to qualify for workforce positions that offer security for your future. Cooperative work experience in a variety of settings spans an effective partnership between you (a civilian), your government employer, and Olympic College that can reinforce both industrial skills and academics. This program offers excellent opportunities for men and women to succeed in a career of their choice. The student will have developed knowledge and skills necessary for advancement to supervisory positions.

Program Goals

Students graduating with an ATA will possess the specific knowledge and skills required for successful completion of journeyworker academic training in one of the following trades:

Option 1: Electroplater
Option 2: Fabric Worker
Option 3: Thermal Insulator
Option 3A: Composite Plastic Fabricator
Option 4: Painter
Option 5: Rigger
Option 6: Shipwright
Option 7A: Marine Electrician
Option 7B: Heavy Mobile Equipment Electrician
Option 7C: High Voltage Electrician
Option 7D: Temporary Services Electrician
Option 7E: Electronics Mechanic
Option 8: Marine Machinery Mechanic
Option 8A: Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
Option 9: Marine Pipefitter
Option 9A: Temporary Services Pipefitter
Option 9B: Utilities Service Repair Operator
Option 10: Shipfitter
Option 10A: Sheetmetal Mechanic
Option 10B: Temporary Ventilation Mechanic
Option 12: Non-Destructive Test Examiner
Option 13: Weldor
Option 14: Machinist
Option 14A: Production Machinery Mechanic
Option 14B: Toolmaker
Option 15: Production Machinery Electrician
Option 16: Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will:
  1. Possess the basic skills to operate comfortably and effectively in an industrial work setting.
  2. Apply critical thinking and technical abilities to resolve industrial and personnel problems.
  3. Participate effectively as a team member in the work process.
  4. Demonstrate the academic knowledge and skills necessary for journeyworker level certification in their specific trade.
  5. Recognize the significance and desirability of reliable and ethical behavior.
  6. Demonstrate self-reliance and dependability in a variety of work situations.
Advisor Office Phone
Abel, Bob Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bldg 460, Room 253 360.476.4622
Bolton, Karen Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bldg 460, Room 242 360.476.5339

NOTE: Graduates of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Apprentice Program may attain an ATA Degree using the graduation requirements in any OC catalog under which they were in attendance even if more than eight years ago.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog