Associate of Science (Track 2)

The Engineering Transfer Program graduates students who are prepared to excel in any four-year Engineering Program in the country. The AS (Track 2) Degree is intended for students with an interest in transferring to an engineering school outside the state of Washington; for transfer to an engineering school in the State of Washington students should use the appropriate AS (Track 2) Major Related Program Pre-Engineering Degree.

Students pursuing an AS (Track 2) Degree should work closely with an Olympic College engineering faculty advisor (see list below) to determine the specific courses that are required to transfer to the Engineering curriculum of their choice.

Faculty Office Phone
Science, Engineering, Mathematics Advisor Humanities & Student Services 203A 360.475.7743
Brown, Jeff Science & Technology 113 360.475.7738
Hess, Linnea Science & Technology 214 360.475.7727
Tuncol, Goker Science & Technology 121 360.475.7722

See the Associate of Science-Track 2 degree for the course list.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog