Elementary Education

Associate in Elementary Education

Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (AEE-DTA/MRP)

For students preparing for an elementary education major at one of the following participating institutions: CWU, EWU, WSU, WWU, City University, Gonzaga, Heritage, PLU, SMU, SPU, WWC, or Whitworth.

Students should work closely with an advisor at the planned baccalaureate institution to choose courses. Students must take the WEST-B to apply for teacher preparation programs.

Faculty Office Phone
Dilling, Gayle Sophia Bremer Child Development Center 103360.475.7289
Sanford, Mary Humanities & Student Services 339360.475.7317

Required CoursesCredits
EDUC199Practicum* (minimum of 2 credits)2
EDUC&202Intro to Education5

Diversity – one of the following courses:
ANTH&206Cultural Anthropology5 
SOC230Sexuality and Gender*55

Written Communication Skills:
ENGL&101English Composition I*5
ENGL&102Composition II*5

Quantitative Skills: selected from MATH& 107 or above, MATH& 131 and 132 recommended. Be sure to check with your transfer college to choose the right math.

CMST&220Public Speaking5
Additional credits from Art, Drama, Literature, or Music, with no more than 5 credits from Humanities-Skills Performance10

At least 2 lab science courses must be included in the following three science catagories.
Biological Sciences – one of the following two courses:
BIOL101Introduction to Marine Science5 
BIOL&160General Biology w/Lab55

Chemistry or Physics – one of the following four courses:
CHEM&110Chemical Concepts w/Lab*6 
CHEM&121Intro to Chemistry*6 
PHYS110Introduction to Physics*6 
PHYS114General Physics*66

Geology or Earth Sciences – one of the following two courses:
GEOL&110Environmental Geology5 
GEOL&208Geology of Pacific NW55

Social Sciences:
HIST110Modern Asia5
One of the following two courses: 
HIST&136US History 1*5 
HIST&137US History 2*55
Additional courses from Social Science distribution area such as PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology, or other Psychology, Sociology (if SOC 230 not used in Diversity requirement), Economics, or Geography. Must be in two disciplines different from Education and History.5

Technology – one of the following three courses:
CIS101Computer Literacy Assessment1 
CIS150Survey of Computing4 
EDUC132Educational Technology/K-12 Setting51-5

Additional credits: at least eleven additional credits to make 90. Courses toward endorsement, ECED 174, and additional credits in practicum are recommended.
Total Credits Required 90

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog