Certificate of Specialization

This program will prepare students for entry into the barbering field and will enable them to perform all services normally offered in the barbering profession.

To be considered for admission into the Cosmetology Program, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • MATH 090A with a grade of 2.0 or above or satisfactory placement test score.
  • Appropriate placement score, ENGL 093 or higher with a grade of 2.0 or better.

For acceptance into the program, the student must make application at the West Sound Technical Skills Center and meet all prerequisite and entrance requirements.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:
  1. Demonstrate written skills required for the application process and examination to obtain state licensing.
  2. Exhibit managerial skills and working knowledge of state laws that is necessary to establish a new, small business or operate an existing salon or retail business.
  3. Apply product knowledge of the industry in a retail sales and service environment.
  4. Provide training to clientele via educational seminars and consultation.
  5. Perform employability standards such as customer service, communication and listening skills, performance characteristics (i.e., adaptability, responsibility, punctuality, cooperation, etc.), and work ethics.
  6. Observe safety issues and industry-related laws and regulations, and remedy unsafe practices.


Advisor Office Phone
Business & Technology Technical 103 360.475.7360
Gesch, Therese W.S.T.S.C. 360.473.0561

Course List

Core Requirements Credits
BMGMT 140 Business and Personal Mathematics* 5
ENGL 100 Composition—Selected Prof/Tech/Voc* 5
OLRM 220 Human Relations in the Workplace 3

Program Requirements
BARB 150 Shampoo and Rinse* 3
BARB 151 Skin/Scalp/Hair Analysis* 4
BARB 152 Haircutting and Trimming I* 9
BARB 153 Haircutting and Trimming II* 7
BARB 154 Cutting/Trimming Facial Hair* 6
BARB 155 Thermal Styling* 5
BARB 156 Wet Styling* 5
BARB 157 Dry Styling* 4
BARB 158 Styling Aids* 4
BARB 159 Artificial Hair* 3
BARB 160 Diseases of Skin/Scalp/Hair* 5
BARB 161 Safety and Sanitation* 4
BARB 162 First Aid* 2
Total Credits Required 74

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2013-2014 Olympic College Catalog, Gainful Employment 11/10/11