Information Systems Specialist

Associate in Applied Science—Transfer

This program prepares the graduate to obtain employment and become a productive Information Technology professional in a business-oriented systems environment. Students meet with their advisor to prepare an educational plan in one of the three degree pathways.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:
  1. Effectively use computers to automate business information systems.
  2. Effectively analyze, design, and build application solutions to support business needs.
  3. Effectively analyze, design, and build Web solutions to support business needs.
  4. Effectively analyze, design, and build network solutions to support business needs.
  5. Effectively analyze, design, and deploy IT security solutions to support business needs.
  6. Effectively apply project management skills to support IT business needs.
  7. Effectively apply business management skills to support business needs.
  8. Effectively communicate orally and in writing in the context of common business practices.
  9. Work as a team member in a business information system environment to accomplish the goals of an organization.

Outcomes 2-7 will depend on the combination of courses completed in specific degree paths. Degrees and/or specific courses are transferrable to four-year universities with the possibility of junior standing. If you intend to transfer, you must contact your intended transfer institution to be sure that you are taking the correct courses. Consider both admission requirements and graduation requirements of the transfer college to make the best use of your time at Olympic College.

Advisor Office Phone
Becker, Richard Technical 202 360.475.7370
Bilodeau, Pam Technical 205 360.475.7371
Blackwell, Kevin Technical 215 360.475.7379
Hanson, Dondi Technical 211 360.475.7376
Westlund, Mark Technical 203 360.475.7357

Required Courses Credits
CIS 110 Information Systems Concepts* 5
CIS 111 Introduction to Operating Systems* 4
CIS 141 Programming Concepts 5
CIS 155 Web Development I* 5
CIS 182 Networking Concepts 5
CIS 205 Introduction to XML* 2
CIS 236 Information System Security I* 4
CIS 298 CIS Practicum* 2
ENGL& 101 English Composition I* 5
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing* 5

Choose one of the following two courses:
CIS 123 Systems Architecture and Logic* 5  
MATH& 141 Precalculus I: Algebra* 5 5

Choose one of the following two courses:
CMST& 210 Interpersonal Communication* 5  
OLRM 225 Human Relations in Organizations 5 5

Students planning to enroll in the University of Washington-Tacoma (UW-T) Institute of Technology Computer Science and Systems program should choose CMST& 210.

Students planning to enroll in OC's BAS-IS program should choose MATH& 141 and CMST& 210.

Choose 10 credits from the following:
ACCT& 201 Prin of Accounting I 5  
BUS& 101 Intro to Business 5  
OLRM 201 Intro to Organizational Leadership 5  
OLRM 202 Introduction to Organizational Ethics 5  
OLRM 250 Organizational Communication 5  
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5  
SOC& 101 Intro to Sociology 5 10
General credits (Subtotal) 62

Students planning to attend Old Dominion University (ODU) should select BUS& 101 and PSYC& 100.
Students planning to attend UW-T should select two of BUS& 101, PSYC& 100, and SOC& 101.

Students select one of the following three degree pathways to complete their degree:

CIS 173 Introduction to TCP/IP 5
CIS 201 Networking Laboratory 1

Choose one of the following two courses:
CIS 212 Windows for Professionals 3  
CIS 213 Mac OS X for Professionals 3 3
CIS 240 Microsoft LAN Administration I* 4
CIS 242 Microsoft LAN Administration II* 4
CIS 245 Microsoft LAN Administration III* 4
CIS 261 Operating Systems/Unix* 4
CIS 262 Unix Administration* 4
CIS 270 Cisco I* 4
CIS 271 Cisco II* 4
CIS 272 Cisco III* 4
CIS 273 Cisco IV* 4
Pathway credits (Subtotal) 45
Degree Total 107

Web Development
CIS 115 Introduction to the Internet 3
CIS 125 Introduction to Dreamweaver* 4
CIS 150 Survey of Computing 4
CIS 160 User Interface Design* 2
CIS 210 SQL 4
CIS 255 Web Development II* 5
CIS 256 Web Development III* 5
CIS 257 Web Database* 5
DMA 120 Beginning Photoshop 5
DMA 136 Beginning Digital Photography 5
Pathway credits (Subtotal) 42
Degree Total 104

Programming Development
CIS 142 Java I Introduction to OOP* 5
CIS 143 Java II Fundamentals of OOP* 5
CIS 145 Introduction to C Language* 5
CIS 160 User Interface Design* 2
CIS 200 Programming Laboratory* 1
CIS 206 Introduction to Android Development* 4
CIS 210 SQL 4
CIS 219 Introduction to ASP.NET 4
CIS 225 Advanced C Language* 5
CIS 285 Object Oriented Programming with C++* 5
Pathway credits (Subtotal) 40
Degree Total 102

Up to 25 credits may be granted for discipline related American Council on Education (ACE) approved military courses and ACE recommended credit for military experience. Contact your CIS advisor for more information.
Total Credits Required 102-107

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog