Legal Support Professional

Certificate of Proficiency

Secretaries who have a solid foundation in basic skills can move into the legal field upon completion of this certificate program. It provides an understanding of the law, familiarity with legal vocabulary and procedures, and experience in using word processing software.

The following constitute prerequisites:
Demonstrated proficiency and/or equivalent college/business school credits as follows:

  • Keyboarding at 50+ wpm
  • Electronic Printing Calculators

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:
  1. Effectively use a variety of computer software to accomplish office tasks according to industry standards.
  2. Effectively apply math concepts in the context of common business practices.
  3. Effectively communicate orally and in writing in the context of common business practices, as well as showing the ability to define, explain, correctly spell, and effectively use business and legal terminology.
  4. Design, maintain, and evaluate office systems (paper flow, mail procedures, records management, financial records, etc.).
  5. Work as a team member in an office environment to accomplish the goals of the organization.
  6. Identify and use common legal resources found in a law office, law library, or on the Internet to locate and summarize information relating to legal specialties, court systems, and legal careers.
  7. Explain the importance of developing positive personal images and attributes, personal and professional ethics, maintaining confidentiality, and good client relationships.
Advisor Office Phone
Hudson, Tia Business 114 360.475.7384

Required Courses Credits
Legal Study Requirements  
BSTEC 175 Legal Typing and Transcription* 3
BSTEC 275 Legal Terminology 5
BSTEC 280 Legal Office Procedures* 5
BSTEC 285 Legal Research and Writing* 5
BUS& 201 Business Law 5
CJ& 101 Intro Criminal Justice* 5

General Certificate Requirements
OLRM 220 Human Relations in the Workplace 3

Choose one of the following two courses:
CMST& 210 Interpersonal Communication* 5  
CMST 242 Career Communications 5 5

General Office Requirements
BSTEC 130 Practical Accounting 5
BSTEC 250 Business Correspondence* 5
BSTEC 255 Records and Database Management* 5

Choose from Accounting, Business, Business Management, Economics, Business Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Cooperative Education 5
Total Credits Required 56

*See course description for prerequisite.

Source: 2014-2015 Olympic College Catalog