Academic Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an academic plan?

An academic plan helps you save time and money by taking the right classes and planning ahead. It’s a “road map” to help you stay on track to graduate.

Do I have to do an academic plan?

Students who started at Olympic College summer quarter 2011 or later and are seeking to obtain a degree or certificate are required to prepare an academic plan and have their faculty advisor approve their plan before reaching 45 credits.

Who can approve my academic plan?

Only a faculty advisor in your major or program of study, degree or certificate program can approve your academic plan so it's important to plan ahead!
 Attention Students!

What if I don't do an academic plan?

If you do not complete an academic plan and have it approved by your faculty advisor before completing 45 credits, a registration hold will be placed on your next quarter registration. Meaning, you will be blocked from registering for classes until you have met this requirement.

I'm ready to start my academic plan, how do I get started?

Get started

  • Attend information or advising sessions for your program
  • Know your degree or program requirements

Create your plan

  • Visit OASIS and click "create my academic plan"
  • Verify your program is listed correctly - update if necessary
  • Explore "program templates"
  • Build your plan
  • Check your work with the college catalog and degree audit

Submit your plan

  • Some faculty advisors may want you to schedule a follow up appointment as part of the review.
  • Once your faculty advisor has approved your academic plan, they will notify the Registration & Records Office you have met the education plan requirement.
  • If you have been blocked from registration - please allow 2 business days to process once your education plan has been approved
  • Check your academic plan status
  • Register online

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor assignment is based on your program of study. Every faculty advisor advises for a specific degree, certificate or major. If you are not sure who your  faculty advisor is you can contact the Advising & Counseling Center located in the Humanities & Student Services Building in room 203, 360.475.7230 or, find your advisor by following this link

My faculty advisor isn't available and I need to register. What should I do?

If your assigned faculty advisor is not available, you can contact another faculty advisor in your program. If no faculty advisors are available (example: during school breaks), please contact the Advising & Counseling and we will help you find an advisor. Faculty advisors are not available during winter, spring or summer breaks so it's important to plan ahead! Schedule meetings with faculty advisors early in the quarter.

I just found out I need to create an academic plan and my registration appointment has already passed. Once I met with my faculty advisor and they approve my plan can I register?

Faculty advisors have various ways they meet with and advise students. Contact your faculty advisor or program to find out if your faculty advisor offers group or one-on-one advising sessions. Once your faculty advisor reviews and approves your academic plan, they will notify the Advising & Counseling Center that you have met your academic plan requirement. If you have been blocked from registering please allow 2 business days to process your block removal, then, register online. 

It is past my day and time to register. Is there any way to rush getting my block removed?

There is no “rush” fix. It is best to plan ahead.

What if I don't know what degree I want or program I want to pursue?

If you haven't decided on a program or major, that's okay. Please schedule an appointment with a faculty counselor who can help you narrow your options and assist you in identifying short and long term educational goals. Call the Advising & Counseling Center at 360.475.7530 to schedule. Please note that counselors are typically unavailable during breaks so it's important to plan ahead.

Do I schedule an appointment with my faculty advisor?

Many faculty advisors offer group advising sessions for students to begin to develop their education plan. Contact your advisor directly to learn when the next session will be available.


I changed my program of study, major or degree since the time I’ve completed my academic plan. Am I required to create another academic plan?

No. You only need to complete one academic plan. However, we encourage you to meet with a faculty advisor in your new program to update your plan.