Department of Dramatic Arts   

...for Stage and Screen 

 Mr. Timothy Hagan
Music Bldg. Room 103
 Olympic College
Bremerton, WA 98337



"You must artistically select stimuli from your own personal psychological material to ignite the inner life of the character."

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Inside Bremerton
Timothy Hagan



Learn to write  for television, feature films, soap operas, documentaries and more. 



Discover styles of acting for live theatre, television, film, and the new emerging technologies.



Master the process of creating films, videos, or theatrical performances.

Production Design:


Discover lighting design, stagecraft, and set design.

Begin your career in the dramatic arts at Olympic College! 

    Start your career now in acting, directing, scriptwriting or production design. A new program awaits you at Olympic College's Dramatic Arts for Stage and Screen.
    At  this department, we teach the skills and artistry needed to build your career in the rapidly changing dramatic arts industry. Our professors offer the training and insight necessary to develop and refine students' talents.
    We prepare you for careers in live theatre, film, television and video as well as emerging media forms.

    Advanced students will have the opportunity to develop a promotional reel featuring examples of their work to present to potential employers.

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