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Olympic College’s Digital Filmmaking program offers the serious student a

unique blend of film theory and practical hands-on training. Our students learn

the craft and techniques of narrative storytelling while acquiring the technical

skills and artistic sensibilities necessary to compete in the new emerging

frontier of digital filmmaking. Through positive feedback and constructive

criticism, our faculty cultivates and refines our student's talents until the craft
of digital filmmaking and the art of visual storytelling is mastered.


Previous filmmaking experience is not a requirement; however, our low tuition

comprehensive digital filmmaking program is for students who possess the

passion to plunge into a focused and challenging curriculum. Students are

required to have commitment, self-discipline, high energy, and a collaborative

spirit. Our curriculum integrates concentrated classroom study of all the major

filmmaking disciplines with intensive hands-on experience in student film
projects, because our philosophy stipulates that the fruits of theory realize full
maturity in the practical application of the art.

While the principle focus of our program is the narrative fiction film, the artistic

and technical skills acquired by our students are transferable to television,

commercials, documentaries, music videos, and the blossoming new arena of

episodic web content. The collaborative spirit of our digital filmmaking

students will nurture personal and professional relationships that will extend

beyond Olympic College into the professional filmmaking industry. Our

curriculum imparts the critical thinking and leadership skills necessary to

excel in the new emerging frontier of digital filmmaking. This program is

dedicated to serving the authentic needs of the modern dramatic artists of the

21st century.


Our Digital Filmmaking curriculum is not only designed to prepare students for

the unprecedented opportunities in the new era of digital filmmaking, but it is

also tailored to stretch and expand their talents, so they can cultivate their
artistic sensibilities and successfully reach their profession goals. Our
educational philosophy clearly declares that the contemporary dramatic artist
is a digital artist. This is of vital importance because knowledge and training in
digital movie making means higher employment for our students upon

Our program offers practical hands-on experience in all aspects of the visual art of digital filmmaking including:

Acting for the camera



Music Composition Scoring



Digital Cinematography

Sound Recording

Audio Design

Production Manager




Assistant Director

Production Assistant

Post-Production Visual FX

Art Director

Location Scout

Digital Filmmaking students at Olympic College will have the opportunity to:

* Assemble a demo reel from OC’s student film projects

* Gain practical hands-on training in various aspects of digital filmmaking

* Construct an industry resume detailing specific filmmaking crafts positions

* Study film language and the techniques of cinematography

* Practice the art and craft of film acting

* Assemble an actor’s voiceover demo reel

* Find their own voice as visual dramatic artists

* Learn digital filmmaking by working on student film projects

* Acquire film directing skill and expertise in directing actors

* Artfully tell original stories cinematically

* Complete a feature length screenplay

* Learn the art and craft of composing a motion picture score

* Obtain digital film editing and visual effects skills

* Master film industry software programs

Student Films





Phil Wilson
Timothy Hagan Nicole Gonzalez

The Digital Filmmaking Team


Timothy Hagan
Professor of Dramatic Arts & Film

Timothy holds a M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama. After graduating and while working at the Yale Repertory theatre, Universal Studios placed him under an exclusive contract and moved him to Los Angeles where he appeared in Television and film in many guest star and chief supporting roles during the late 70's and 80's. While a professional actor, Timothy was fortunate enough to work in repertory theatre, film, episodic television, daytime dramas, movies of the week and commercials. After gaining membership in "The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences", Tim was accepted into the Academy's prestigious Director's Group. While in the Director's Group, he was mentored by veteran Hollywood director George Tyne. Tim wrote and directed several short film projects on the Warner Brothers Studios' lot. He has also directed Theatre in both New York and Los Angeles, worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter, and taught at several public colleges and private conservatories. 


Nicole Gonzalez
Professor of Screenwriting

Nicole holds a M.F.A. in Screenwriting from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. She has taught screenwriting classes for over six years and has been a featured presenter at national conferences. Her B.A. was earned from the University of California at San Diego and she also holds a M.A. from the University of Kansas. Nicole is an award winning screenwriter who worked extensively for Granada Entertainment USA. She has worked as a screenwriter on the development team of several prominent production companies, and has served as a principle judge for the annual Nevada Film Office’s screenwriters’ competition.


Phil Wilson
Professor of Digital Filmmaking

Phil holds a M.A. in Film, Television and New Media from San Diego State University, and  received his B.A. with Honors from San Jose State University. Phil is an award-winning filmmaker with a plethora of production credits to his name. His work has appeared on Red, Virgin Airlines in-flight entertainment system, the CW and has screened at film festivals in Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Tacoma.  He has developed feature films, worked with Emmy-winning directors, and freelanced professionally as a paid producer, director, editor, and camera operator for over eight years. On the corporate side, Phil has produced projects for the US Navy, the United Way, and #1 NY Times Bestselling author Debbie Macomber.  Phil's production company, Cream Soda Films, was recently booked to shoot a charity event for the Seattle Seahawks and Debbie Macomber that appeared on Hallmarkchannel.com. Before coming to Olympic College, Phil taught Filmmaking at San Diego State University. He lives with his wife and daughter in Manchester, WA.

Supporting Staff

Roger Nick
Senior Media Technician & Studio Engineer

Roger holds an A.A. degree in Music from Olympic College. He also holds a two year degree with academic honors from ITT Peterson School of Business in Computer Programming. Roger has mastered five computer languages including Visual Basic for Applications and is trained as an electrician. He spent over 20 years in the music business performing in concert and recording throughout the United States. As a musician, he plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards; and has worked with many well-known musicians in the industry. His considerable experience in studio sound recording and mixing has made him one of the most sought after sound recording engineers in the Pacific Northwest.

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For additional information on our Digital Filmmaking Program contact Professor Timothy Hagan at 360-475-7315 or thagan@olympic.edu