The Department of Sociology At Olympic College is committed to assisting students in learning to "think sociologically" so that they may effectively define, analyze, and understand human behavior. We prepare students to understand the structures and patterns which are at the core of everyday life; the interplay between biography and history within social structures; to interpret social patterns and relationships from multiple perspectives; and to examine existing social arrangements critically - in other words, to develop and utilize a sociological imagination. The mission of the Sociology Department reinforces core values contained in the Mission Statements of both the College and the Social Sciences and Humanities Division which emphasize multiculturalism and diversity. In this regard, a key aspect of our mission is to prepare students to be global citizens.

Our instructional mission includes providing knowledge and skills, both sociological and general, for a broad array of jobs in today's competitive labor market or to pursue further education in Sociology and related disciplines. To this end we focus on critical and analytical thinking skills and fostering an appreciation for life-long learning. We also provide opportunities to develop and enhance rational thinking, to improve communication skills, and to develop an understanding of, and respect for, differences. Students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to apply these skills through participation in problem-solving exercises and service-learning projects.

The sociology faculty are sensitive to the needs of all students. We provide a range of scheduling options that will meet the needs of full-time and part-time students and those who need day, evening, or distance classes. We are highly sensitive to the differential needs and learning styles of our students and utilize a variety of perspectives and pedagogical styles so that both traditional and nontraditional students will find a comfortable and safe learning environment in our classes.

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