Olympic College Music Department

The Music Department is a branch of the Social Sciences and Humanities at Olympic College. Students involved in the music program are exposed to a wide variety of educational experiences.  Within the Music Department there are several ways to participate:  choirs, the wind ensemble, jazz groups, and private instruction. Even those with no background in music are welcome; we offer introductory music classes for all who want to learn.

Vocal Music Program


Teresa Eliason 
MUS 104
(360) 475-7117

Our vocal music program consists of both audition and non-audition ensembles and choirs, as well as private instruction, offering plenty of opportunities for all to participate.  Our ensembles include Jazzline, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Vocal Jazz II.  For more information about the vocal program, link to our Vocal Music Program page.

Instrumental Music Program


Rick White
MUS 105
(360) 475-7118

Our instrumental music program was one of the first established community college jazz programs in the nation.  Throughout the years Olympic College ensembles have had the chance to grow and excel nationally. Of the music groups students can choose to participate, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble are the most popular.  To learn more about our instrumental programs, link to the Instrumental music program page.

Private Instruction

The private instruction classes offered at Olympic College are taught by some of the Northwest's most talented musicians.  Each instructor has several years experience in the music field and has helped to shape the Olympic College Music Program.

Some of the classes offered through private instruction are electric bass, piano, voice lessons, saxophone, clarinet, brass instruments, percussion instruments (drums), guitar, flute, jazz piano, and a private instruction class in composing and arranging.


Private instruction is arranged between the instructor and the student.  A connection with a teacher you wish to take private instruction classes from can be made through the music department at (360) 475-7197.  For a comprehensive list of private instruction classes offered to students, check out Olympic College's View.

Introductory Music Courses

For students who have no background in music, or for those who just wish to learn more about the sounds that surround us, we offer music fundamentals classes and music appreciation classes.  Music appreciation classes introduce students to music from a listener's point of view.  This class is great for students who wish to fulfill a credit and enjoy music.  The fundamentals of music class features the study of music and the basic elements of music theory, including notation, key signature, chords, and scales.

Reviewed 7/01/14