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Mission Statement for Social Sciences

The mission of the Social Sciences at Olympic College is two-fold. First, we seek to lead students to entertain, master and internalize a wide range of ideas. The specific ideas involved are specific to each discipline and each faculty member.

Secondly, we seek to demonstrate and explain the tactics by which we determine the merits of an idea. Some ideas are deemed worth our confidence and become the knowledge base. Other ideas are rejected as myths. Most are in-between.

Each discipline and instructor will demonstrate the different tactics or variations on the same tactic for determining the merits of an idea. At the end of each students' program in the social sciences the student will have been exposed to, mastered, and internalized a multitude of ideas and will have been shown a variety of tactics for evaluating their merits. The students will need to take up those ideas and tactics that really become theirs.


The study of human development and change, current affairs with the perspective of past events, and the rich cultural, political and institutional legacy of the past provides the framework for a better understanding of our world.

Students planning to major in history should prepare themselves in a broad range of Social Sciences & Humanities courses. They should try to complete the basic United States Survey (History 104 & 105) and the Western Civilization series (History 101, 102, & 103).

Reviewed 7/01/14