Foreign Language

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Maril Elliott
American Sign Language
Humanities and Student Services 317
(360) 475-7338

Eunha Jung
Humanities and Student Services 341 
(360) 475-7627

Adjunct Faculty

Mission Statement

Foreign Language courses are designed to promote independent ideas, critical thinking, and multiculturalism.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language discipline is designed to satisfy the requirements for 1) students transferring to a four-year institution, and 2) students planning to acquire a basic practical knowledge of American Sign Language, French, German, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish. The courses center around the acquisition of a basic vocabulary to express familiar and daily situations, a functional use of grammatical patters, and knowledge of cultural aspects of the countries whose language is being taught.

The objective of the curriculum is to develop the four basic skills of language training through audio-visual and audio-linguistic methods:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Updated 7/01/14