Spring 2014 Classes

EDUC& 121 Child Development I: EDUC121Spring14.pdf
This course provides students with an overview of the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development of typically developing young children, pre-birth through age eight. In addition, developmental sequences and milestones, the interrelated nature of all areas of development, the application of developmental principles, and observation of young children.

EDUC& 122 Child Development II: EDUC122Spring14.pdf
This course provides students with an overview of the development of children from middle childhood through adolescence. Includes social, emotional, physical, motor, intellectual, moral and language characteristics.

ECED 186 Survey of Centers: ECE186SurveyofCentersSpring14.pdf
This course provides an opportunity for students to observe and learn about the operation of a variety of early childhood centers and programs, to evaluate various early childhood programs, ad to develop their own philosophy of providing appropriate early childhood programs for children and families.

ECED 188 Child Abuse & Neglect: See instructor for Syllabus
Current research and theory in child abuse and neglect causation and prevention with emphasis on child welfare and practices in Washington State.

ECED& 190 Observation & Assessment: ECED190ObservationandAssessment.pdf
All early childhood educators must learn to be skillful observers of children in order to appropriately document development and plan for individual and group needs. The early childhood educator must be familiar with a variety of observational strategies and techniques in order to use the best technique for the circumstances.
Collect and record observation of and assessment data in order to plan for and support the child, the family, the group and the community. Practice reflection techniques, summarizing conclusions and communicating findings.
ECED 164 Mathematics for ECE: NEWECED164syllabus.pdf
Mathematics for early learning environments. Addresses how children learn and understand mathematical concepts including whole numbers, fractions, geometry, measurement, data analysis and problem solving.

EDUC& 203 Exceptional Child: Exceptional_Child_Syllabus_Spring2014l.pdf
Explore research, educational trends, early intervention, resources and strategies for the inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families in education and our community.

ECED 101 Professionalism & Ethics: ECED101Spring14.pdf
This course examines personal philosophy of early childhood education, professional qualifications, ethical practices and the development of interpersonal skills necessary in the early learning workplace.

ECED 166 Environments: Syllabus available on May 5, 2014
This course will focus on the adult’s role in designing, evaluating, and improving environments to ensure a quality experience for children and to optimize learning and development.

EDUC 150 Child, Family & Community: EDUC150.pdf
This course is an exploration of theory, research and practice of parent/family involvement in early childhood and other educational settings. Students will be exposed to current practices in building parent/teacher and community relationships and parent education methods.

ECED& 120 Practicum I: ECED120PracticumISpring.pdf
Working in an early learning setting, the student will apply best practice for engaging in nurturing relationships with children. Focus on keeping children healthy and safe while promoting growth and development.

ECED 151 Practicum II: ECE151PractIIsyllabusSpring.pdf
This course is the intermediate level practical application in the working world of the basic theories and methods studied in the ECE program.

ECED 201 Practicum III: ECE201SpringSyllabus.pdf
Capstone level practical application in the working world of the basic theories and methods studied in the Early Childhood Education program.

ECED 177 Science for Young Children: oc_eced_177_spring_2014_syllabus1.pdf
This course focuses on the role of science in the education and development of the young child. The course includes an overview of cognition, concept development, and developmentally appropriate science curriculum and instruction for young children.

ECED& 180 Language & Literacy: ECED180Spring.pdf
This course will prepare early childhood professionals (current and future) to enhance and support the early literacy outcomes of young children by increasing the knowledge of teachers and caregivers regarding early literacy development.

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