Student working on a charcoal still-life

Ina Wu
Art Faculty
Art 115
(360) 475-7115

Marie Weichman
Art Faculty
Art 143
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Arts Program

The Arts Program at Olympic College offers courses in Art,  Dramatic Arts, Journalism, and Music. Students can work toward an Associate of Arts & Sciences (AAS) Degree in all these disciplines. Courses include lectures, labs, performing groups and workshops. The program also makes use of online, and independent instruction.


Mission Statement

The Arts Program at Olympic College exists to do the following:

  • Expose students to the world of the Fine and Performing Arts and help them develop an appreciation for them.
  • Prepare Arts majors to transfer successfully to a four-year institution or to begin a professional career in the Arts.


Art Transfer Curriculum

Fundamental to the development of fine arts is the spirit and process of exploration. The Art curriculum encourages the process of discovery as it applies to perceptual and conceptual issues basic to the creative process. The purpose of the integrated transfer curriculum is to provide a catalyst for students to widen their artistic awareness and versatility.

Reviewed 2/19/2014