For more information contact:
Physics Full-Time Faculty 

  • Linnea Hess, Physics Faculty
    Office: ST  214
    Telephone: 360.475.7727
    Email: lhess@olympic.edu
  • Dan Roth, Physics Faculty
    Office: ENG 112
    Telephone: 360-475-7150



Physicists observe and analyze various forms of energy, the structure of matter and the relationship between matter and energy. 
Their studies have continued to broaden our understanding of the physical world and have enabled us to make increasing use of natural resources. 

Physicists have contributed to scientific progress in recent years in areas such as nuclear energy, electronics, communication, and aerospace.

Physics Part-Time Faculty

In addition to the full-time faculty members listed above, many other qualified professors serve on a part-time basis.  Although the part-time faculty members serve as an integral aspect of our community, quarterly schedule changes preclude listing them individually. 

For information on how to contact a part-time faculty member, please contact the MESH Division Office at 360.475.7700.

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Photo description: This amazing photo shows a plane breaking the sound barrier. The pictured F/A-18 Hornet is partially hidden as it breaks through the sound barrier into supersonic speed. Courtesy of Science Kids, Fun Science & Technology for Kids Website!