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Geology Full-Time Faculty
Steve Macias
O: ST 119
T: 360.475.7711
E: smacias@olympic.edu


Geologists study the structure, composition, and history of the Earth. Their concerns include locating water, fuel, and mineral resources; determining appropriate land usage; and diagnosing natural hazards such as floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Students preparing for a professional career in Geology should plan to transfer to a four-year college, and then to attend graduate school for a Master’s Degree. 

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Links include: Favorite Sites, Nisqually Earthquake: February 28, 2001, Washington State Four-year University Geology Departments, General Geology and Current Events, Volcanoes and Volcanology, Earthquakes and Tsunami, Plate Tectonics, Streams and Hydrology, Rocks and Minerals, Geologic Resources, Mass Movement, Geologic Time, Glaciers and Glaciology, The Coastline. 

Geology Part-Time Faculty

In addition to the full-time faculty members listed above, many other qualified professors serve on a part-time basis.  Although the part-time faculty members serve as an integral aspect of our community, quarterly schedule changes preclude listing them individually.  For information on how to contact a part-time faculty member, please contact the MESH Division Office at 360.475.7700. The college directory web page is HERE

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